Favorite Songs of 2022. National (Vol. I)

Let’s go with our national harvest ‘best of’: we continue to compile our favorite songs of 2022, this time focusing on national artists. There are songs by, among others, Hermana Furia, Los Estanques and Anni B Sweet, Biznaga, Carolina Durante, Melifluo, Zahara with Alizzz, Germán Salto, Repion, Ezpalak, Viva Suecia, Second, Niños Mutantes or León Benavente.


SISTER FURY – Sleepless Night

LADY BANANA – Overflow

DAN MILLSON – Overflow

ESPALAK – Don’t wait

VULK – Hamar lagun baten kontra

BIZNAGA – Madrid belongs to us

MELIFLUO – Stories from long ago

CAROLINA DURANTE – Famous in three streets

REPION – Brilliant

THE PONDS AND ANNI B SWEET – I’ve had so much to drink I’m thirsty

GERMAN SALTO – Only time

BURNS – The sea

LEÓN BENAVENTE – Old Old Rockers

PECKER – Black Swan

NENO – What you ask me

DORIAN – Rare Energy

ZAHARA – berlin U5 (REPUTA) (feat. Alizzz)

TWENTY-ONE – Modern Life (feat. Love of Lesbian)

ELYELLA – Let nothing stop us (most importantly) (feat. La La Love You)

POLISH GIRL – What I have loved you (past tense)

GINEBRAS – Alex Turner

LEVITANTS – The window

YAWNERS – Rivers Cuomo

KARAVANA – How nice both of you

ANABEL LEE – Natural for Vogue

AIKO THE GROUP – Furbito boys and girls whatever


CORA YAKO – One in a million

KITAI – I don’t care


SECOND – Impossible Flowers

MUTANT CHILDREN – Honeysuckles

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