FBI Agent Reportedly Shot Man in Metro – NBC Washington DC (44)

The case involving the FBI agent who allegedly shot a man inside a Metro train in Bethesda resumed Thursday in a Montgomery County court.

In a video presented as evidence, the defendant, Eduardo Valdivia, is seen allegedly shooting an unarmed man inside a wagon after he asked him for money.

“When I said I had no money, he got upset and started insulting me. I replied ‘be careful what you say,'” Valdivia testified.

The shooting occurred when the agent was on a Red Line train near the Medical Center station in Bethesda on December 15, 2020. The defendant stated that he did not know the victim.

The hearing held Thursday revolved around Valdivia’s training as a boxer since the man had no weapon and the defendant never identified himself as a law enforcement officer.

To questions from the prosecutor about whether he had options instead of shooting, the defendant said he was “faced with an imminent threat.”

It was learned that the victim has a record of at least 15 minor DMV convictions.

In any case, the entire strategy of the prosecutors is based on the aforementioned video. The Public Ministry decided not to call witnesses unlike the defense.

The trial is scheduled to continue this week.

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