Federal. Lawyers: Lisa Montgomery cannot be executed for her mental condition

January 11, 2021:

Lawyers: Lisa Montgomery cannot be executed for her mental condition.
Defenders of Lisa Montgomery, whose federal execution is scheduled for Tuesday, January 12, Friday, January 8, asked the federal judge of Indiana (the state where the federal death chamber is located) to stop the execution as their client it would be “not competent”. The term “not competent” refers to the fact that the law, after a ruling to this effect by the United States Supreme Court (Atkins v. Virginia of 2002), protects people with intellectual disabilities from execution. With specific regard to execution, the law provides that the convicted person is able to fully understand the reason why he is about to be executed, and the correctness of his sentence. Defenders of Montgomery argue that putting her to death would violate her constitutional rights because “she has brain damage, severe mental illness and has suffered a lifetime of sexual torture.”


(Fonte: Associated Press, 09/01/2021)

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