Fedor Emelianenko spoke out about Alexander Povetkin – Boxing/MMA

October 21, 2022 (22:33)

The famous Russian heavyweight MMA Fedor Emelianenko spoke to the famous boxer Alexandra Povetkina. Emelianenko believes that an example should be taken from such athletes as Povetkin and Karelinand not from bloggers, Sports.kz reports with reference to Tofight.ru.

“In our country there has always been an ideology and love for the motherland, it developed from the cradle. And now, open the Internet, turn on the TV and you will see bloggers. These are absolutely immoral people. We need to learn from such examples as Sanya Povetkin, Alexander Karelin. I bring up my children, none of them opens their mouths. Children look at these people and try to imitate them, ”said Fedor Emelianenko.

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