Fenrir, the tallest cat in the world

Fenrir It is a very striking feline, which is famous for having been recognized as the tallest cat in the worldwithin the category of domestic animals.

Although he belongs to a species where all the specimens are tall, he exceeded the established measurements as an average. And, according to what the owner of it mentions, the size of Fenrir is so amazing that many people often mistake it for a puma.

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Why is Fenrir the tallest cat in the world?

Fenrir is a feline that belongs to the race Savannah F2. And, due to its ancestors, this is characterized by representing very tall cats that can measure up to 43.18 centimeters.

However, the specimen of this breed, which is famous for being the tallest cat in the worldproved to reach a record number: 47.83 centimeters.

However, while your height could have a negative impact, the opposite is true. Your owner, William John Powershe is very comfortable with his pet and they have lived together for more than four years in Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States.

What animals is Fenrir descended from?

Fenrir, named after one of the Saturn’s moonsbelongs to a modern breed, which has arisen from a cross between a domestic cat and a wild cat known as On the edgefrom Africa. That is, their ancestors are larger animals, which can reach an average height of 83 centimeters and a weight of 12 kilos.

So while Fenrir is half the height, he stands out as a very different pet than average. Also, thanks to his fur, he has a leopard-like shape that generates an unprecedented visual impact.

Fur and appearance of the tallest cat in the world.

Could Fenrir become the tallest cat in history?

At the time of measuring the Guinness Record, Fenrir was very close to surpassing Arcturushis deceased brother which is still considered the tallest cat ever con 48.4 centimeters.

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Therefore, if one takes into account that Fenrir is already close to five years old and that at the time of the record he was only 0.6 centimeters smaller than Arcturusthe chances of it becoming the tallest cat humanity has ever seen, are very great.


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