Fernando Tejero in ‘El Espantatiburones’ and 7 other unfortunate cases of dubbing into Spanish

the step of Fernando Tejero for ‘El hormiguero’ has made Espinof remember when the actor dubbed the main character of ‘El espantatiburones’. A painful example that in our country there are times when there is no hesitation in sacrificing professionalism for the sake of popularity. Below we offer you several more cases that should never have happened. And beware, not all are in animated productions.

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo in ‘Stand by Me Doraemon’

An incredibly popular duo, the only explanation for their hiring given the catastrophic result.

Andrés Iniesta in ‘Pirates!’ (‘The Pirates! Band of Misfits’)

His goal gave us a World Cup, but that does not mean that it was very painful to see how he dubbed a secondary character in this nice movie from Aardman. Especially painful that this led to the sneaking of a “Long live Fuentealbilla!“In the Spanish version…

Review of ‘Pirates!’

Dani Martín in ‘School of Rock’ (‘School of Rock’)

the singer himself he came to apologize years later for having destroyed the film with his dubbing for the character played by Jack Black

David Broncano in ‘Who is killing the puppets?’ (‘The Happytime Murders’)

It was still a mere commercial strategy to take his fans to the movies, but the presenter of ‘The Resistance’ made it clear here that he was much funnier when he went his way than as a dubbing actor.

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Fernando Tejero in ‘The shark scarecrow’ (‘Shark Tale’)

The actor was at the peak of his stardom thanks to ‘No one lives here’, something that was wanted to be exploited here to the point of putting his ‘a little please‘, something that, obviously, Will Smith does not say in the original version.

Itzan Escamilla and Sergio Mur in ‘Memories of Idhún’

Even the author of the work herself showed her anger with the Spanish dubbing finally chosen by Netflix. There are more who do a questionable job, but Escamilla and, above all, Mur take the cake.

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Lola Indigo in ‘Space Jam: New Legends’ (‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’)

The famous singer was in charge of lending voice to Lola Bunny, thus assuming the same role as Zendaya in the original version. The result shows that dubbing is not his thing, especially if we also have the example of how it would have been with a professional to make comparisons.

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Melendi in ‘How to train your dragon 3’ (‘How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’)

The singer premiered here as a dubbing actor with frankly improvable results, to the point that he himself expressed his doubts about the final result during the same promotional campaign. In the original version of him, his voice belonged to F. Murray Abraham.

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