ferocious executioner and gravedigger.” Laibach about war, empires, music and love

– Returning to Iron Sky: The Coming Race and “Russian”, I suddenly realized that in the commercial for that film, Putin in the frame glues Ukraine to the map of Russia. The video is 7 years old. Trek is already 17. Was this war obvious to you even then?

A fragment of the film Iron Sky: The Coming Race for which Laibach wrote the music A photo: YouTube/Iron Sky screenshot

– Unfortunately, it was quite obvious, yes.

– Vladimir “Putinator” in this video glues both Kazakhstan and Finland to Russia. It turns out that everyone who is burying Putin today is in a hurry? Is there really no one to close this “Pandora’s box”?

– First of all, this is Russia and the Russians themselves have to deal with Putin. He is their greatest protector, and at the same time a ferocious executioner and gravedigger.

Which of the two terms do you think is more dangerous today: “fascism” or “Racism“?

– In fact, the most terrible thing is “mosquito”. The mosquito is the deadliest and most dangerous animal in the world, the only one of its kind. Mosquitoes are estimated to cause between 750,000 and one million human deaths per year. And among people the most dangerous and powerful force is love. Love is the most powerful and potentially the most destructive force in the entire universe.

Laibach’s new tour title is “Love is still alive”

– Back in 2014, when Maidan was blazing in Kyiv, you made the official Laibach merch in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Today you do not talk at all about how this proud and independent country resists Putin’s aggression. Isn’t it time to speak out, or is this not a topic for Laibach?

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