Film starts in 2023: We are looking forward to these 13 highlights

“Barbie”, “Tár” and Co.: We are looking forward to these film starts in 2023

After two years of spending more time in the home cinema, we are finally looking forward to the big screen again in 2023. From indie pearls to blockbusters, from action to fairy tales and from science fiction to psycho drama, the fresh cinema year already has a lot in store for cineastes. We have looked at all the restarts known so far for 2023 and selected 13 highlights.

Film releases 2023: Our 13 highlights in the cinema year (so far)

Filmstart January 2023: “The Banshees of Inisherin”

Director and screenwriter Martin McDonagh (“Bruges see…and die?”, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”) has always had a penchant for quirky characters and stubborn characters. So in his latest litter, The Banshees of Inisherin, set in 1920s Ireland, two longtime best friends (reunited “Bruges” dream team Colin Farell and Brendan Gleeson) suddenly break up, resulting in an increasingly hilarious psychological battle escalated. Threatened self-mutilation included!

The darkly humorous comedy was filmed on the Irish islands of Árainn and Acaill, giving the vicious goings-on a suitably impressive backdrop. Already at the Venice Film Festival McDonagh and Farell were awarded, now the film is for eight Golden Globes nominated.

In cinemas since January 5, 2023.


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Film release January 2023: “Babylon – Intoxication of Ecstasy”

Damien Chazelle (“Whiplash”, “La La Land”), who may well have finally outgrown his status as a director’s prodigy, travels with us in “Babylon” from the roaring 20’s to the 1950’s of Hollywood. On the threshold between silent and sound film, a social change is not only evident in the film business. Next Margot Robbie as a rising starlet, this cinematic extravaganza also stars Brad Pitt, Olivia Wilde (“Don’t Worry Darling”) and Diego Calva (“Narcos: Mexico”). In addition, Tobey Maguire (“Spider-Man”) was reactivated, who has recently made himself very rare.

With a running time of more than three hours, you need a lot of staying power here, but at some point the audience will hopefully get the intoxication promised in the title. With five nominations, “Babylon” is one of this year’s favorites Golden-Globes-Awards.

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