‘Filomena’ sweeps Madrid with the stock of mountain boots, gaiters and the star products: the shovel and crampons

Thursday, January 14, 2021 – 01:35

Sports stores and hardware stores are running out of snow products: “We have sold everything and we have a waiting list”

Mountain equipment store in Madrid.

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    Last minute on ‘Filomena’

With the passing ofFilomena and the drastic drop in temperatures that has followed the storm, many Madrid homes have been forced to find the best way to equip themselves in the face of snow, cold and ice. In the large family of Carmen, a neighbor of Montecarmelo, they do not have enough snow boots for everyone, so enter the brothers share the shoes to be able to go out to work or run errands.

In other houses they have had to climb the mezzanines to rescue mountain clothes, hence when you could hike freely. And most of them have flocked to specialty stores to stock up with the clothing, footwear and tools they need to tackle the capital’s Siberian landscape.

Since Saturday, when the people of Madrid woke up with up to half a meter of snow in their streets, sports stores and hardware stores have sold everything necessary to face the weekend snow and the ice sheets that have made it difficult to pass on the streets since Monday.

It was the same Saturday when Jos Sanchez, owner of Deportes Alaska, saw his store fill with families asking for “clothes, gloves, hats or shoes for children and adults”. “We opened to be in the workshop working, we live nearby and it was not difficult for us to get there … We never thought that the establishment would fill up. They even thanked us for opening it,” he tells EL MUNDO by phone.

The sale at the Sanchez store began as a simple provisioning of the most necessary to walk through the snow, which I ran out of elastic crampons and gaiters in a matter, and finished the day with the rental of skis and snowshoes. “This became a ski resort,” recalls the owner. And he adds: “We had to put a chair outside the store so that people could put their skis there. Then they would go down Bravo Murillo skiing.”

At Deportes Koala customers have not gone skiing, but they have all the necessary textiles and footwear. “Above all they have asked us for snowshoes and crampons, also walking sticks for balance “, explains Juan Durn, manager of the establishment. His clients frequent the mountain, so most “come to replenish.

Although it is true that many people have come who are not regular customers, “he explains from his store, where he also attends sales. on line. “We are selling a lot, although we have a little jam in the parcelOh, we don’t get many products, “he admits.

Thermal clothing and sleds

Even commercial chains like Decathlon have a hard time keeping all the inventory. “There has been a lot of demand, but we are gradually replenishing the stock,” they explain from the company. According to it, the demand for the entire range of cold products “has doubled.” Specifically, the sale of “thermal or underwear, gloves and specific footwear for snow and even sleds “.

In addition to people going down the street as if they were going up to Navacerrada, these days we have also seen many neighbors removing the snow from the sidewalks loaded with shovels, hoes and any utensil they had in the garden to avoid falls after the more than 2,000 fractures produced by this cause have accounted for a third of the emergencies attended in Madrid.

“We have sold shovels, shovels for transplanting, picks, hoes, hoe, salt spreaders, wheelbarrows …”, details Santiago Muoz, manager of the Muoz Ferretera, on the Canillas road. “Everything has been exhausted, we have a waiting list of 30 people and we hope to receive some shovels throughout the day, “he admits.

And is that, although the sale of clothing and footwear for snow has increased considerably, as well as the chains to drive, the star product has been the shovel. “We have released all the shovels we have, we will have sold about 80 or 100 blades, and we are waiting for a new batch because we are already running out “, says Maximino Sordo, manager of Ferretera Diego de Len.

The stock they had of up to 70 blades has allowed them to be able to offer their customers this precious commodity at this time. “It is a product that It was in disuse and had not been sold for a long time in these quantities “, says Sordo. His shop is one of the few establishments in Madrid that has shovels,

Javier, a neighbor of Vinateros, can attest to this. “I would like to have one to take out the car, but there is nowhere. In my community we are getting by with garden tools such as hoes or shovels to plant …”, he says. And with them, like many Madrileos, he spends the afternoons crushing the ice to make their way through the streets.

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