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Discover the special range of the BoD bookshop! We offer a varied variety of self-publishing titles from authors and publishers that enrich every book shelf – whether physical or digital.

BoD – Books on Demand GmbH

Since it was founded in 2001, BoD has been the experienced partner for authors and publishers and the point of contact for publishing e-books and books of one copy or more. Our customers benefit from the world’s largest sales network, which includes all online channels as well as stationary bookshops, and enjoy professional assistance and advice in all aspects of their book projects.


Authors who publish in self-publishing consciously opt for an alternative to traditional publishing. Self-publishing gives anyone who writes and wants to publish their content the chance to do so independently and risk-free.

Print on Demand

The technology that enables self-publishing is called print on demand. In contrast to classic edition printing, books are only printed and produced when they have already been ordered. The processes involved are coordinated so efficiently that readers hardly notice any difference to titles in stock. This principle enables the authors to publish at extremely low risk and, on top of that, protects the environment.

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