First image of the cast for the reboot of Those Wonderful Years

The reboot of Those Wonderful Years has introduced his new family.

Although there is no shortage of good and new productions that are released almost weekly on different streaming platforms and television networks, it seems that now the need for fill in the television grills by looking back and recalling some of the hits of the 80s.

And while some prefer to continue the story that ended at the time, as forced parents did, others opt for the reboot route, giving the protagonists a complete facelift, turning the series into something new that only maintains its title, and its main premise.

And this last option is precisely the path that ABC has decided to take with the series Those Wonderful Years, of which We already have the first official photo of its cast, which this time will be a black family from Montgomery, Alabama, which will try to get ahead during the 1960s.

The image has been shared by Lee Daniels (The Butler) who this time works as a producer with Fred Savage, the boy protagonist of the series Those wonderful original years, who is also going to direct the first episode. From left to right we have Saycon Sengbloh, who plays the mother, Elisha Williams, the protagonist, Laura Kariuki, the older sister, and Dulé Hill, the father.

Don Cheadle, who we know as War Machine in the MCU, will be Williams when he grows up, And as in the original series, he will be in charge of narrating the different events that the family will have to face, surely very different from those that the family to which Savage belonged had to face.

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