First woman executed in decades in the United States

In the United States, by decision of the federal authorities, the first woman in almost 70 years was executed.

52-year-old Lisa Montgomery was injected by lethal injection at an Indiana state prison on January 13.

Earlier, the Supreme Court overturned a district court’s decision to hold a hearing on Montgomery’s sanity. The woman’s lawyers argued that she had a congenital brain defect, and she simply did not understand what exactly was happening to her. In addition, the defense argued that Montgomery’s severe mental illness was aggravated by the sexual abuse she had suffered throughout her life. writes “BBC”.

“The bloodlust of the failed administration has been fully demonstrated today. Everyone involved in the execution of Lisa Montgomery should feel ashamed,” said lawyer Kelly Henry.

Montgomery was sentenced to death in 2007. She was found guilty of kidnapping and murdering a woman who was 8 months pregnant. According to the investigation, Montgomery strangled her victim, after which she removed the child from the body. The baby survived.

There were no federal executions in the United States for 17 years, until current President Donald Trump ordered a renewal last year. According to official figures, there have been 10 such executions since then, that is, by decision of the American government. For the first time, federal authorities have carried out more death sentences than all states combined.


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