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YEREVAN, JANUARY 12, ARMENPRESS. Since January 17, the first theater of Yazidi pantomime named after Arsen Poladov, created within the framework of the initiative “Near the Yazidis”, will open its hospitable doors for theater lovers in Armenia with the premiere of the play “War and Love”.

In a conversation with a reporter “Armenpress” the scriptwriter of the play, founder of the “Near the Yezidis” initiative, Greta Aleksanyan, announced that the theater will rent the building of the Machanents Echmiadzin Theater, which is located at 51 Shahumyan Street.

“We were planning to stage a national legend. We even worked in this direction, but a war began, in which the Yezidis participated. Based on this circumstance, we decided to show love and struggle during the war, to emphasize the importance of the Yezidi warriors in the life of the state, their love for the Motherland, Armenia, ”Aleksanyan said, adding that the performance is dedicated to the immortal memory of the Yezidis who died in the Second Artsakh War.

The actors in the play are not professionals, but they have combined their acting experience with courses in which they hone their acting skills. “It seems to work because they work very enthusiastically. A very good team has been formed, and it is important for me to work with the Yezidis: they are a little constrained in character, but already feel very free on stage. I consider it necessary to inform you that one of the actors took part in the war, in which he lost his brother, but is going to go on stage and play. His real feelings are on the stage, “said Greta Aleksanyan and stressed that the director of the performance is the artistic director of the Machanents theater, Gevorg Inza Babakhanyan, with whom she will soon cooperate. since the latter is well acquainted with the national characteristics of the Yezidis.

Like “War and Love”, the upcoming performances of the theater will be in the Yezidi language. In order to attract Armenian spectators to the theater, leaflets will be distributed to them, in which the content of the performance will be presented in Armenian. “Our rehearsals were attended by Armenian theatergoers, who admitted that they did not understand the language, but were touched,” Aleksanyan stressed.

Referring to the name of the theater in honor of Arsen Poladov, Greta Aleksanyan stressed that the Yezidi pantomime is a phenomenon, the highest value for both the Yezidis and the Armenian people. Greta Aleksanyan hopes that in the future the Yerevan State Pantomime Theater will rightfully bear the name of the master, the man who stood at the origins of the theater.

Angela Ambartsumian

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