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Fisher Price is urgently recalling this model of sleeping bag after the death of 100 babies!

Babies, deaths and Fisher Price, these are the new words that make America tremble! We explain everything in this article!

The death of babies due to transats Rock’n Play from Fisher Price has does shake America. President Joe Biden reacted following this tragedy! He wrote a law to protect children.

Infants victimized by Fisher Price deckchairs

The deckchair for Rock ‘n Play baby from Fisher Price, becomes prohibited for sale. Good news for families! According to the US Consumer Protection Commission (CPSC), more of 100 infants would have died. A rather frightening figure in the USA!

In 2019, the CPSC had already counted nearly thirty death. Since the release of this product in 2009 until 2019, the number is constantly increasing.

CPSC President Hoehn-Saric said: “We are posting this ad because despite being taken off the market and banned from sale, babies are still dying with this item.”

Moreover, he also has alerted the parents who still use this deckchair. He then says: “We have approximately 100 infant deaths, including eight after the recall was announced.” He also published other figures about the product.

Deaths are on the rise

Babies would have died from asphyxiation caused by tilting the product. The semi-sitting position hinders breathing children. Indeed, according to pediatricians, babies must sleep flat.

Numerous complaints have been filed against Fisher Price and the Mattel company. For example, Cassandra Mulvey denounces this product which endangers babies while they sleep.

During this trial, we learn that the Rock’n Play deckchair puts the child in a semi-sitting position. This constricts the trachea and causes suffocation.

In addition, it would also increase the infant’s risk of developing flat head syndrome and torticollis.

Complaints against Fisher Price are linked

Babies, deaths and Fisher Price, these words still resonate in the USA. And for good reason ! Thus, another complaint made the brand tremble. It is that of the Delaware couple Samantha Drover-Mundy and Zachary Mundy. Their 12 week old daughter would have died after a few minutes in the deckchair in September 2018. In his defense, Fisher Price questions certain cases. The deckchair would not be the cause of all deaths.

However, an investigation revealed that Fisher Price had ignored CPSC advisories for years. Mattel continued to win 200 million dollars of sale, enough to make the victims jump.

But another report comes to shake the company Mattel. The group would not have not really tested the product before launching it on the market in 2009. A major error which is the cause of these tragedies.

Fisher Price became aware of the safety issues as early as 2012. But it took until the damning report from the CPSC in 2018, to expect a drastic change. Thus, Fisher Price therefore recalled nearly 5 million deckchairs after these shocking reports.

This affair caused a stir in the political sphere. Current President Joe Biden has signed a law project. Called Safe sleep for babies act of 2021, it applies in 2022. Rock’n Play deckchairs from Fisher Price are prohibited on the American market.

Babies, deaths and Fisher Price, these words have marked many parents in the USA and around the world. Fisher Price is under the surveillance of several authorities including the White House!

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