Flame drama in Birmingham: “Is mom dead?” Mother flees naked from fire – children saved

In order not to have to freeze in winter, a mother from Birmingham decided on a mobile heating solution. But their electric heating turned out to be a huge threat to their lives, as the “Daily Star” reported on Wednesday.

House fire in Birmingham: mother flees naked from flames

On January 5, the mother of three took a shower as usual. In the meantime, her electric heater set her entire bedroom on fire. “I was standing in the shower and my son started screaming because there was smoke in the house,” she said. She responded immediately and ran stark naked out the back door. A neighbor saw everything and threw her blankets.

“Because that Fire was at the front door, I had to be in the back first, the children were screaming because they thought I was dead because I was still inside, “the mother remembers the terrible moment. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the fire The family was also able to put out the fire themselves.

Heating triggered the inferno of flames

The mother explained that she was using the heater because her boiler broke. She informed her landlord about it. She also previously complained that her home was damp, but the homeowner didn’t respond.

Fire brigade warns of mobile heating devices

According to the West Midlands Fire Service, the fire was caused by the heater. She was standing too close to the bed. “The fire was confined to one room on the property and was caused by an electric heater placed near the bed,” said a fire department spokeswoman.

She warned once again about the dangers: “This is a clear reminder of the fire hazard posed by portable heaters that are placed too close to flammable materials such as beds, clothing, curtains and boxes. In these cold winter months, especially when As people spend more time at home, households should be extra careful using portable heaters and make sure they have working smoke alarms. “

The warning came too late for the family. Your apartment is uninhabitable. They are now living in a different accommodation.

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