flights across Europe from 13 euros

Nothing better than starting the year with a trip. The airline Ryanair makes it easy for us at the beginning of 2023 with a wide selection of flights for a getaway to many cities in Europe. To take advantage of the offer, we must buy the tickets before January 9 and travel before February 28.

Departures from Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante

If we start from cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante, we can choose from a wide range of flights. For example, if we want to travel to the United Kingdom, we will find routes to London for €12.99 already Birmingham, Bristol y Manchester for €19.99. On the other hand, if we want to discover the many charms of Italy, there are one-way flights to Milan y Venice for €16.99, the bologna y Pisa for €17.99, the Naples y Palermo for €19.99, the Roma for €21.99 and Bari for €24.99.

Other good options are flights to One y Brussels for €16.99; The Eindhoven, Malta y Paris for €19.99, already Dublin, Copenhagen y Luxembourg for €21.99.

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summer offers

But the thing does not stop here. From now on, Ryanair has begun to offer very good options to book and to our Summer Vacation. Ryanair offers its customers more options than ever this summer, with regular flights to destinations such as Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. In this case, we will have to book before January 31 and travel between April 1 and June 30.

For example, leaving from the main Spanish cities we can now book flights to destinations such as Bordeaux, Marseille, Milan, Turin, Paris, London and Brussels for less than €25. There are also routes to Bologna, Pisa, Rome, Edinburgh, Naples and Venice by less than €30and Palermo, Malta, Manchester, Dublin, Bari and Liverpool for less than €40.

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