Flights Ursynow – Montgomery, schedule and flights from the nearest airport.

Flights from Ursynow to Montgomery

Ursynow is a provincial town and has no airport. Therefore, in order to get from it to Montgomery, you first need to get to one of the major cities located near the city of Ursynow, and from there fly by plane to Montgomery.

Ursynow: major cities nearby

Warsaw – 11.58 km
Zielona Gora – 88.09 km
Lodz – 117.32 km
Lublin – 144.72 km
Kielce – 148.86 km
Shimani – 166.57 km
Brest – 180.96 km
Olsztyn – 185.49 km
Czestochowa – 201.2 km
Bydgoszcz – 233.85 km
Rzeszow – 242.79 km
Krakow – 243.1 km.

Flight schedule Ursynow – Montgomery

Unfortunately, there is no chance to buy a direct flight ticket for Montgomery – Ursynow, because in Ursynow there is no airport where flights from Montgomery could land. However, the following airports are located near Ursynow where flights to Montgomery may be served:

Warsaw – 5.99 km
Lodz-Lublinek – 122.88 km
Lublin – 144.72 km
Shimani – 148.24 km
Kielce – 148.86 km
Brest – 194.43 km
Czestochowa – 201.2 km
Pyrzowice – 230.32 km
Bydgoszcz – 232.49 km
Jasionka – 235.98 km
John Paul 11 Balice – 236.13 km.

Airports in Montgomery

Flights to Montgomery are served by Montgomery.

Montgomery Hotels

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Montgomery – general information

Code IATA – MGJ.

Latitude of Montgomery is 32.367.

Longitude of Montgomery is -86.3.

The region in which Montgomery is located is.

USA – general information

The capital of the USA is Washington. The continent the United States is on is America.

US area – 9372610.

Population of the USA – 310241000

The population density of the United States is 33.1.

USA dialing code – 1.

The currency of the USA is USD.

The main language of the United States is English.

The main religion of the United States is Christianity (Catholicism).

Ursynow: general information

Latitude – 52.15051.

Longitude – 21.05041.

Population – 147676.

: general information

Ursynow is located in the region.

The latitude of the region is.

Longitude of the region -.

Population of the region.

Ursynow – general information

Ursynow is located in Poland. The capital of Poland is Warsaw.

The continent on which Poland is located is Europe.

The area of ​​Poland is 312685.

The population of Poland is 38167000.

The population density of Poland is 122.06.

Poland’s phone code is 48.

The currency of Poland is PLN.

The main language of Poland is Polish.

The main religion of Poland is Christianity (Catholicism).

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