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In just three weeks, the Florida government rebuilt the section of the Sanibel Causeway bridge that collapsed as a result of the strong storm surge that hit the area during Hurricane Ian on September 28.

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This elevated highway connects Sanibel Island with the Florida peninsula, in the Punta Rosa area. The road consists of three two-lane bridges interconnected by two artificial anchoring islands.

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Governor Ron DeSantis announced this Wednesday the reopening of the bridge after its restoration in three different sections that were affected.

“Today, we have reopened the bridge for our residents after completing temporary repairs more than a week ahead of schedule,” he said in a tweet.

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The bridge, and associated highway, is the only land connection between Sanibel Island and Florida, so 6,300 people who were left incommunicado after its collapse now recover their main transit route.

This is how the bridge had remained after the passage of the hurricane.

Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwestern Florida on the afternoon of September 28 as a Category 4 hurricane with 150 mph winds.

Some of the main impacts generated by the cyclone were strong winds, storm surges of over 8 feet high inland and torrential rain.

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The ravages of the system caused more than two million people to lose electricity service. However, three weeks after the cyclone, only 13,715 customers remain without power, according to the power outage monitoring portal in the United States PowerOutage.us.


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