Florida Declares Emergency Due to Arrival of Immigrants – NBC Miami (51)

The Governor of Florida has declared a state of emergency in Florida due to the large increase in refugee arrivals in the Keys. It is activated to various state agencies towards the Florida Keys.

Several state agencies that have mobilized to assist in the keys here see the highway patrol and the state police, in addition they confirm to us The national guard of Florida, the department of fish and wildlife, as well as the division of refugees of the department health, all under the direction of Florida’s division of emergency management.

Several state agencies are assisting authorities in the Keys with the arrival of immigrants to their shores.

Yesterday, Sunday, two groups arrived, one to Cayo Largo and the other to Cayo Maratón, a total of 53 Cubans, 4 of them were transported to the hospital because they were dehydrated.

While 237 Cubans who did not reach the coasts were repatriated by the Coast Guard.

As soon as the announcement of the new policy of the Biden Administration, a chief agent of the border patrol confirms to us:

“Currently in maritime operations in Florida, immigrants who make landfall are detained to begin their immigration process, while those who are intercepted at sea are returned to their country of origin.”.

Since last October 1st, the illegal arrivals of immigrants for more have increased by 650%, he says. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office called for assistance when so many began arriving at the same time.

“Some were staying all day and into the night, and the Key officers guarding them are unable to fulfill their duties to protect citizens,” Monroe County Mayor Craig Cates tells us.

He welcomes the Governor’s emergency order mobilizing various state agencies to assist.

A Florida National Guard helicopter is flying over the coast to spot boats and alert coast guards where they are before they hit the shores.

Meanwhile Dry Tortugas National Park has reopened after it had to close for

One week for the arrival of hundreds of Cubans to the chain of islets near Key West.

Officials tell us they hope that although the policy towards those arriving by sea has not changed it will now hope that increased vigilance will make many think before embarking on the dangerous journey.

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