Florida governor sworn in for 2nd term

Tallahassee— Florida Governor and possible 2024 presidential candidate, Republican Ron DeSantis, was sworn in Tuesday for a second term.

DeSantis defeated Democrat Charlie Crist, a former Republican governor and Democratic congressman, in the November elections by more than 29 percentage points. It was a blowout in a state known for close elections, and other Republicans on the state ticket won by similar margins.

Along the way, DeSantis has built a national image, often traveling the country raising funds for himself or campaigning for other candidates.

DeSantis used the endorsement of then-President Donald Trump to come out of nowhere and win the gubernatorial race in 2018, in an election so close it required a recount. DeSantis built his popularity largely by fighting COVID-19 restrictions, constantly attacking President Joe Biden and speaking out on issues like illegal immigration, giving parents more control over schoolbooks and teaching, policies seen as anti-LGBTQ.

Politically, DeSantis has helped make the state more conservative by getting involved in local politics and reshuffling school boards and taking full control of redrawing the maps of Congress to give Republicans more power in the House. United States representatives.

Paradoxically, the man who can thank Trump for jumpstarting success is now seen as the leading Republican to challenge him for the 2024 election.

Florida’s legislative session begins in two months, and DeSantis is promising legislation that will create what he calls family-friendly tax breaks, expand gun rights and make it harder for teachers to join unions.

Although DeSantis has not gone into details, he has also said he supports more restrictions on abortions.

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