Florida judge rejects Governor DeSantis’ motion for migrant flights

Miami, Jan 13. A Florida judge on Friday rejected Governor Ron DeSantis’ request to dismiss a lawsuit over the use of public funds in this state to move immigrants from Texas to Massachusetts, and set a hearing to finalize the case this month.

Circuit Judge John Cooper, based in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, denied the motion filed by Republican DeSantis against the lawsuit filed by Democratic Senator Jason Pizzo, alleging that the state administration used public money to finance the two flights with about 50 Venezuelan migrants that left San Antonio, Texas, last September.

“I reject the defendants’ motion to dismiss,” the magistrate said after a hearing this Friday in which DeSantis’s lawyer, Nicholas Meros, and the plaintiff’s, Mark Herron, were present, according to the CBS4 channel.

The judge noted that Democratic Senator Pizzo not only had the legal standing to sue as a taxpayer, but that his arguments were valid.

The sending of the immigrants to the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts at DeSantis’s orders sparked a lively controversy and prompted lawsuits and investigations into him, Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jared Perdue, and the people they helped. to recruit immigrants in Texas.

When the sending of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard became known and the controversy broke out, DeSantis defended his decision as a response to the immigration policy of the Government of President Joseph Biden, which, in his opinion, leaves the US borders “open to foreigners without permission to settle in the country.

He also said that immigrants caught in Texas after applying for political asylum at the border traveled to Martha’s Vineyard voluntarily, but those who boarded the flight paid for by Florida told a Massachusetts court that they had been deceived.

In early October, several Democratic lawmakers in the Florida Congress called on the US government to launch an investigation into whether DeSantis violated the law when he sent asylum seekers to Massachusetts on planes paid for with public money.

In today’s hearing, Judge Cooper exonerated Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis, who was listed as a defendant along with DeSantis and the state Department of Transportation, and scheduled a final hearing in this case for January 30. EFE


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