Florida man kills his mother and tells police he “was possessed”

And men Resident in Miami (FloridaUSA), 54 years old, he killed his mother and then told the police officers who arrested him that “he was possessed by demons“, according to local media reports this Friday.

The individual, identified as John Calhoun Tucker IIIwas arrested Tuesday night at his home in this South Florida city, where his mother, whose identity has not been revealed, was found unconscious and bleeding from one ear by a relative of the family.

When the emergency teams showed up at the scene, they could not do anything to save her life and certified the death of the woman.

As reported by the canal local WPLGthe police officers who arrived at the scene to investigate the incident heard noises outside the house and saw Tucker, who was questioned and subsequently arrested.

Tucker told officers that he “was possessed by demons that very morning” and that his mother “began to pray for him” before killing her.

The detainee left a written note next to his mother’s lifeless body and a gun was found on her, adds the outlet.

The relative went to the home after being alerted by the murderer’s daughter and sister that neither of them was answering the phone.

When the woman arrived at the house, no one was answering the door despite the fact that the two vehicles were parked in the driveway, after which she entered through the front door, without a latch, and found the woman on the ground.

With information from EFE

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