Florida, on the verge of taking control of the special district of Walt Disney World

Miami, Jan 6 A notification posted this Friday on the Osceola County website, in central Florida, reports a motion filed by state legislators to “increase state oversight, transparency, and review powers” that the special district has so far enjoyed. that allows Walt Disney World self-government.

The motion, visible on the website of that county, is in line with the enactment in 2022 of the law approved by the state Upper House that eliminates the special district of Reedy Creek, created in 1967 and where Disney operates.

This special district covers about 39 square miles (100 km.) and sits between Osceola and Orange counties, in the center of the state, and allows Walt Disney World to have its own police, fire department, public services, among others .

This is a new chapter in the fight that the governor of Florida, the Republican Ron DeSantis, maintains with Disney after the criticism that the company made for the promulgation of the controversial law known as “Don’t Say Gay” (“Do not say gay “), which prohibits teachers from talking to younger students about issues of sexual orientation and gender.

In response to the notice posted by Osceola County, DeSantis stated that “the corporate reign has come to an end” and that, under the proposed legislation, “Disney will no longer control its own government” but will “live under the same laws that everyone else”.

In this context, Disney “will be responsible for their outstanding debts and they will pay their corresponding part of the taxes,” according to channel 2 WESH, from Orlando.

Additionally, the “imposition of a state-controlled board will ensure that Orange County cannot use this issue as a pretext to increase taxes on Orange County residents.”

The Florida Legislature’s motion relating to the Reedy Creek special district further seeks to “ensure that debts and bond obligations held by the District remain with the District and are not transferred to other governments.”

Shortly before the law known as “Don’t Say Gay” was enacted, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced that the company was canceling its large political donations in Florida, which included the governor himself.

DeSantis acknowledged receipt, going so far as to say that Disney’s pronouncement was “dishonest” and had “crossed a line.”

And last May, the Republican governor expressly signed this bill approved in the Legislature that eliminates the privilege of enjoying self-government for Disney.

Walt Disney World in Orlando had had a self-government system since 1967 that allowed it to grow to have half a dozen theme parks, a sports center, a huge shopping center, 25 hotels, its own police force, fire department, and nearly 80,000 employees. .

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