Florida restricts abortion to 15 weeks; White House criticizes him

The women of Florida, in the southeastern United States, already they will not be able to abort after 15 weeks of gestationafter the governor of the state, Republican Ron DeSantis, today signed a law in this regard, which has been branded as “radical” by the White House in the face of a policy that even in cases of rape or incest against the victim.

The text, approved by the Parliament with a Republican majority, will enter into force on July 1. Reduces the term for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy from 24 to 15 weeks.

The only exceptions provided are if the abortion is necessary to save the life of the mother or if the fetus has a fatal abnormality.

“Today we are here to defend those who cannot defend themselves,” DeSantis said before signing the law, during a rally with people opposed to abortion.

The Republican added that “this will represent the greatest protection for life enacted in this state in a generation.”

During the parliamentary debate, the Democratic opposition tried, without success, to include exceptions in case of rape, incest or human trafficking.

This abortion ban is an attack on our most fundamental freedoms: the right to control our own bodies, our own future,” Stephanie Fraim, president of the reproductive health organization Planned Parenthood in Southwest and Central Florida, said in a statement.

The new Florida law mimics a similar text approved in Mississippi, which the US Supreme Court, with a conservative majority, is evaluating after suggesting in December that it would ratify it.

The deputy spokeswoman for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, regretted that the governor of the southern state, Ron Desantis, had signed this measure, which will take effect on July 1, and that it contradicts the precedent established by the Supreme Court on the abortion in the country.

“The president (of the United States, Joe Biden), asks Congress to act and send him a bill that ends these radical steps that (conservative states) are taking,” Jean-Pierre told reporters on board. of the Air Force One presidential plane.

Several states governed by the Republicans hope to take advantage of the new balance of the high court, which has six conservative judges against three progressives, to restrict or reverse the Roe v. Wade ruling, which in 1973 established abortion as a constitutional right up to between 22 and 24 weeks. of pregnancy.

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The most controversial case was that of Texas, where in September it was voted in favor of prohibiting abortion once the heartbeat of the fetus is detected, that is, after about six weeks of gestation. In that period, most women do not know they are pregnant.

In Florida, and in states like Arizona and West Virginia, Republicans have chosen to follow the law passed in Mississippi as a less extreme alternative to the one in Texas. Its legislators hope that these texts will remain in force if the Supreme Court limits itself to restricting the legal term of abortion.

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