Florida: Ron DeSantis, the pro-Trump governor who refuses to implement anti-Covid recommendations

TRUMPISM – In Florida, wearing a mask is rare, and for good reason it is not compulsory. The state governor, a staunch supporter of Trump, persists in his hostility to the restrictions. However, the epidemic is experiencing a significant rebound there.

In ten Americans who died from Covid, one was a Florida resident. Mortality is maddening and the incidence rate is still climbing, in this state which prided itself on having crossed the epidemic without going through the most painful restrictions. Faced with this return of the virus, Governor Ron de Santis, a close friend of Trump, does not change his anti-restriction line, quite the contrary.

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Coronavirus: the pandemic shaking up the planet

In Tampa, the TF1 team looked for masked residents, but without success, as we see in the report at the top of this article. In closed spaces or at the supermarket checkout, they don’t wear masks and most people are proud to embody this national exception: “This is America here”, claims one of them, “not a dictatorship or a communist country”. In line with their governor Ron DeSantis, whose fight is aimed above all … those who demand more restrictions.

Everything is going much faster than in the first wave– Jason Wilson, doctor at Tampa Hospital

A risky bet that at first seemed to succeed: this strategy will have made it possible to recover the State’s economy, without suffering the brakes of restrictions, and with a death rate no higher than elsewhere in the country. But the epidemic is picking up at a steady pace. For example, in Tampa, “the hospital has gone from fifty to one hundred admissions per day”, according to the explanations of Doctor Jason Wilson. “Everything is going much faster than during the first wave, a year ago”, he observes frightened. In September, one in five cases in the country was detected in Florida. Hospitals are close to breaking down, funeral directors are full, and the virus has entered schools.

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Deaf to the growing concern, Ron DeSantis prefers to attack parents of students who voted to introduce the wearing of compulsory masks in their children’s schools, by threatening to cut subsidies to establishments. Like Donald Trump at the time of his presidency, of which he is a zealous supporter, he refuses to apply the health recommendations in his state. A calculated positioning, for this rising star of the right wing of the Republican Party, to whom we now attribute presidential ambitions.

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