Florida woman hires “hitman” to kill her ex-husband

Woman 48 years old from Floridawas sentenced for hiring an alleged sicario for murder to its ex husbandhowever, it was all a strategy, because the one who would kill him is actually a agent covertwhich he only used to have evidence against him.

The lady named Gretchen Buselli had agreed to meet a “delinquent” in the public park, to give him as an advance the amount of $5,000 dollars in exchange for the “job”, but what he never expected is that an FBI agent would arrive.

So she gave all the information to the alleged criminal, her husband’s address and all the activities he carried out during the day so that he could monitor him and carry out the work.

It all started last year, when the woman got in touch with him through a encrypted messages a person to tell her that she was going to hire a hitman so they could take her ex-husband’s life.

So the person who found out reported her to the authorities, so when she arrived at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) started an operation, their strategy was to use an undercover agent as a alleged criminal.

The federal government charged her with using commercial spaces to pay someone for a murder, as well as for hindering the investigation, since she lied to a federal agent, telling him that she did not want to kill her ex-partner.

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However, she had told the alleged hitman that she wanted to kill her ex-husband because he was abusing her daughter, despite fighting the custody of their children she hadn’t been able to get it, so ending his life was the only solution. He is now in custody and with a sentence of 15 years in prison.

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