Florida’s new defeat at home, against a Puerto Cruz that takes oxygen

They faced two teams that were looking for the possibility of taking the three points at stake to escape the possibility of falling into the relegation zone.

When the twenty-fourth minute was reached, after a theft of the ball from Joel to the local porter Samueland scored 0-1.

In the thirty-sixth minute, in a local attack play, the ball came to Moreand after a shot from outside the area, he slipped the ball tight to the post, thus making it 1-1.

With a tie at one goal the first half ended.

In the second half, Florida pushed hard to get ahead, but in the sixty-second minute, after a lateral free kick in favor of Puerto Cruz with the ball at the far post, and on the second play the ball came to Diego that put his team ahead on the scoreboard with 1-2.

The second goal hurt Florida, and in the seventieth minute, Hector dribbled past the local goalkeeper Samuel sending the ball to the bottom of the goal, which meant 1-3.

With the game on track for Puerto Cruz and reaching the eighty-first minute mark, Hector he stole a ball passing to his teammate Joelwho was left alone and beat Samuel putting the 1-4.

The last and definitive goal also fell for the Porto side when it reached the eighty-nineth minute, Javier took advantage of a rebound from the local goalkeeper Samuel and does the 1-5.

Defeat that leaves Florida close to the relegation zone and the possibility of falling into it, their next match will be played at the Francisco Peraza Annex against Juventud Laguna. Triumph for Puerto Cruz means getting ahead in the standings and staying out of the relegation zone, their next match will be played at El Peñón against Buenavista.


Florida CF:

Samuel, Raúl, Héctor (Berni, 75´), Omar, Raúl, Brayan, Javito, Rubio (Miguel, 45´), More (Dani, 65´), Abdulay (Ignacio, 65´), Chús and Fari (Gare, Four. Five). Coach: Mario Dominguez.

G. Compostelana CD Puerto Cruz:

Carlos Raúl, Óscar, Jesús Donato, Eduardo (Daniel, 65′), Marcos Ríos (Texenen, 83′), Raúl Barcos, Reinaldo (Kiko, 70′), Diego Rodríguez (Héctor, 70′), Diego Martín, Medina ( Javier, 79´) and Joel. Coach: Antonio Hernandez.

Referee: Samuel Jesus Perez Rodriguez, assisted by Daniel Espin Rodriguez and Juan Manuel Fernandez Alonso, showed yellow cards to the locals, Abdulay and More.


1-1 Joel minute 24
1-1 More minute 36
1-2 Diego minute 62
1-3 Hector minute 70
1-4 Joel minute 81
1-5 Javier minute 89

incidences: Soccer match played at the Campo Municipal de La Floridas, belonging to the fourteenth day of the Preferred Inter-island Category Group 1.

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