Follow the drama for hundreds of University of Central Florida students affected by Hurricane Ian | Videos | Univision Orlando WVEN

apartment complex.we receive all our worktoday’s investigationnext report.According to the complaints oforlando area residents,this apartment complexyou ain’t ready for him yetreturn of the 200 studentsdisplaced by product of theapartment floodingwhere they reside for rent.they are doing everythingcan, but I heard he wasvery bad.I picked up some belongingswith a friend, depending on whatwitnessedreporter: the works ofrepair work veryslowly.very bad, my friend isliving right now with another friendbecause everything was given.edwin: the central universityfrom Florida, where they studymost studentsaffected, gives themactively transport, haveinformed that they offerpsychological attention toovercome the trauma, postponingeámenes and with the programmingof virtual classes.the complex has decided not tooffer statements to“univision news” orlando,but he has referred to the subject withjustifies that residents inlevels three and fourthe municipalities and begin to beand although that document orjustifies that many peoplecome back to this complex, we havenoticed that in both cornershere at the entrance of thisapartment complex, thesewage stenchquite awkward,unbearable, sous here in “edicóndigital orlando”,we want to contribute if you likethese people who live in an areathat was flooded, and has alreadystarted to occupyresidence for rent.Mr. Director, the graphic,please.the first recommendationwe must give you is that youmake sure it is the complexrehabilitate your home.the coven conditions.then when it arrivescheck that there is nostagnant waters.check that you do not have anyexposed electrical cableof course everything is clean,in order, that there is no garbage inthe environment, no animalsdead,tenant keep your cleanwith personal care.amber: although the complex does notanswered yourquestions, they issuedin this statement you say, andthey said they were notwere inhabiting theirresidences for as long asthey are not renting or notcan receive due to thesedamage.students and people whoedwin: definitely not, nois enough, the studentwho was here with her friendpicking up somebelongings, that’s what he saw,I didn’t come back for all thistime to your residence.I was going quite sad towards thea friend’s house, wewe approach the administration towhile we were closeWe talked to a worker.he told us that in his opinionwork is progressing wellrhythm, however, is notwho seems to feel who livesaqí,the resident waiting forreturn home soona safe way.amber: thanks.we will be waiting for howdevelop these works andwhen can they come backsure all these peopledisplaced.we deserve a pause, andwe continue with the informationfor not go.[úsica]

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