For your safety, know the 20 airlines that have best reacted in the Covid-19 pandemic

Deep cleaning of aircraft is one of AirlineRaitings’ evaluation criteria.

Photo: NHAC NGUYEN / AFP / Getty Images

In these times of pandemic most airlines promise a careful service and invites travelers to follow exactly the sanitary rules.

To know which ones are implementing measures preventive before presence of Covid-19, the place AirlineRaitings, portal specialized in rating airline safety, made an evaluation in which he qualified the care that international airlines are applying in favor of the health of passengers and employees.

AirlineRaitings constantly evaluates hundreds of international airlines, considering aspects such as fatal accidents, service, adequate age of fleets aircraft, punctuality and other topics, but recently added a new parameter regarding the measures and initiatives applied by each airline to provide greater safety to its passengers before the Covid-19.

For evaluation, AirlineRaitings took into account 430 airlines that had to comply with seven established criteria:

– Website information about COVID19 procedures

– Masks for passengers

– Protective equipment crew personnel

– Modified meal service

– Deep cleaning of aircraft

– Kit of disinfection personal

– Incorporation of social distancing

Below is the list of the 20 best airlines have reacted and warned contagions to Covid-19:

Air Baltic (Latvia)

Air New Zealand (New Zealand)

Alaska Airlines (U.S)

All Nippon Airways (Japan)

AirAsia (Malaysia)

British Airways (UK)

Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong)

Delta Air Lines (U.S)

Emirates (United Arab Emirates)

Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates)

Eva Air (Taiwan)

Japan Airlines (Japan)

JetBlue (States United)

KLM (Netherlands)

Korean Airlines (South Korea)

Lufthansa (Germany)

Singapore Airlines (Singapur)

Southwest (U.S)

Qatar Airways (Qatar)

WestJet (Canada)

The evaluation notes that a total of 119 airlines complied with the seven criteria that were established in the evaluation, while 117 do not offer information on their website some on their policies of reaction to the pandemic, for which they obtained a zero for non-compliance.

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