Forecast Alabama Crimson Tide – LSU (January 15), bets and odds

On January 15 at 00:00 Moscow time, a match will be held within the framework of the NCAA championship, in which the local club Alabama Crimson Tide will host an opponent in the national championship LSU on its site.

At 00:00 Moscow time, fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide and LSU basketball clubs will take their places in the stands to support the players of their favorite teams. Despite the fact that the fight will take place on January 15, it is already impossible to find tickets for free sale. The last time the teams met was the month before last, and then the LSU basketball club turned the tide of the game in the fourth quarter and won with a score of 98-90.


For the fourth game in a row, the basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide holds on its site, and on January 15 the hosts will have a match against the players of the LSU club. Sports channels will broadcast this match live at 00:00 Moscow time. This season alone, this is the fourth meeting of these teams, and in the previous three basketball players of the Alabama Crimson Tide club won two victories, and once the players of BC LSU were stronger.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Although this month the basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide does not show a bright game, often the team still manages to achieve the desired result. After all, if last year the hosts finished at the bottom of the standings, now they are steadily going eleventh in the championship, keeping little chance of competing for a place in the playoffs. The hosts are good on defense and have good attackers, but the tight schedule adds complexity, because the basketball club Alabama Crimson Tide will have to play the second game in two days. And, although the composition of the team is extensive, other basketball players cannot completely replace the leaders, which affects the game. After such a busy schedule of matches began, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club never managed to pass the bar of one hundred points. In the last five rounds there were three victories with a slight advantage.

Literally from the first rounds, the LSU basketball club managed to become a leader and now the team continues to lead the standings. In addition, the guests are constantly able to slightly increase the lead, so there is no doubt which team will become the winner of the regular season. It can be seen that the head coach gradually began to rotate, trying to bring his wards in excellent shape to the playoff matches. But, even if reserve players appear on the court, this does not affect the result, because the last time the LSU basketball club lost at the beginning of last month, and the winning streak is already fifteen matches. Away the team plays no worse than at home, gaining almost always more than 110 points. At the moment, only deep reserve players are injured in the LSU basketball club.

Bookmakers have already begun accepting bets on the basketball game Alabama Crimson Tide – LSU, despite the fact that it should only take place on January 15th. Fans of this sport can follow the game at 00:00 Moscow time. The history of this confrontation began in the last century, and for all the time the teams played 243 matches between themselves. In them, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club won 187 victories, and one of them was just this season.

With the advent of a new coach, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club began to show a truly team game. The individual performance of the players suffered from this, but the overall results of the team have improved significantly, so this season the hosts are one of the strongest in this tournament. If we take the last game, then only one basketball player managed to score seventeen points, while the rest did not score more than fifteen, but all twelve declared players managed to score. He plays very effectively as a key center, who has begun to score less, but now completely excludes the leader of the opposing team from the game. The current mentor also made a bias towards defense, so now the hosts play very reliably in defense, not often letting the enemy close to their ring. In this match, everything is fine with the defense players, and only a power forward who injured his ankle in the last match can miss the game.

Last season, the LSU basketball club became the winner of this tournament, so this year the guests would really like to defend their title. In the regular season, the team started poorly, but then got in shape, so a ticket to the playoffs was secured in advance. Basketball club LSU has already secured fourth place in the standings, so in the remaining rounds of the regular season many reserve players entered the court, and the results were far from the best. It is clear that in the playoff matches LSU will play with its strongest line-up, especially since most of the key performers got time to rest, so they will come to important fights in optimal shape. During this time, the team’s infirmary was also almost empty, because now there is only one defender there, but he had not often hit the base before.

The next round of the basketball tournament will take place on January 15, and within its framework, the fight between Alabama Crimson Tide and LSU will take place. Fans from all over the world will follow the progress of the game, and the live broadcast of the meeting will begin at 00:00 Moscow time. This year, the teams have not yet played each other, but in the past there were two meetings in which the rivals exchanged home victories with a slight advantage.

This season, the Alabama Crimson Tide has been playing very aggressively in the opponent’s half of the court, and it was skillful offensive actions that often allowed the team to come back, although before that they lost by a wide margin. Having not the strongest lineup in this tournament, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club has already created a real sensation when it managed to qualify for the playoffs, and even go through the first stage, although the opponent was very difficult and more experienced. The owners themselves have not played at such a high level for a long time, but the basketball players of the Alabama Crimson Tide club, although they have no experience, still have great talent and most of them regularly score points in every match. In addition, the hosts are distinguished by good teamwork, so they quickly move from defense to attack. Will not help the team in this game only center, injured his wrist.

Last week, the LSU basketball club managed to overcome a series of setbacks and win a much-needed victory, which lifted the team to ninth place and brought it significantly closer to the playoff zone. Until the last match, the guests had a series of four defeats, and the LSU basketball players also started the last game not in the best way, because in the first quarter they allowed the opponent to score almost forty points. In the second quarter, the guests also played poorly, but after a long break, a completely different team entered the court, which managed to close the gap and still win with a margin of six points. If the LSU basketball club continues to play the way it did in the second half of the last match, then the guests will definitely be able to break into the number of the strongest and the season will not end at the end of the regular season. At the moment, the team has no personnel losses, as those players who rarely appeared this season have minor injuries.


Previously, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club was one of the strongest in this tournament, but the golden generation of the team is gone, so now the hosts show mediocre results, not even making it to the playoffs every year. This season, the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball club can again fly past the top eight, because the hosts are only tenth in the championship, and they are already far behind the playoff zone. Yes, the team performs well on its own court, but this is not enough for successful results, since the basketball players of the Alabama Crimson Tide club practically do not win on the road. Now the team really lacks stability, as in the last ten matches there were only three wins, and among the seven defeats, four were with a devastating score. The management does not seek to strengthen the squad through transfers, and this season the hosts are also experiencing personnel problems, because a heavy striker has been out of action for six months, and there is no one to replace him.

After a disastrous last season, the leadership of the LSU basketball club not only fired the head coach, but also terminated contracts with several players. A new mentor was invited, who immediately attracted fresh players to the team, and it was on them that he began to build the whole game. The changes benefited the guests, because now the LSU basketball club no longer looks like an obvious outsider, and even has a chance to qualify for the playoffs, as it takes ninth place and is not very far behind eighth. The team recently had a slight slump which resulted in a five-loss streak, but the visitors still managed to overcome the crisis, which allowed them to improve the game, and in the last four matches there were three wins and only one defeat. The new mentor makes a big bet on defense, so if the team is satisfied with the result, then the basketball players of the LSU club defend very reliably and practically do not let opponents into their ring. Except for the disqualification of the light forward, the guests have no personnel losses.

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