Forecast Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers (01/05/2021), bets and odds

On January 05 at 05:00 UTC, the NCAA championship match will take place, in which the local club Alabama State Hornets will take on the Jackson State Tigers national championship rival.

Fans of the Alabama State Hornets basketball club are very fond of matches against BC Jackson State Tigers, because in most cases they end in victory. So, the spectators in the stands hope that the hosts will be stronger again on 05 January. The game will start at 05:00 Moscow time. The teams have not met in this championship yet, and in the past the basketball players of the Alabama State Hornets have won three easy victories.

Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers. WHO IS THE FAVORITE OF THE MATCH?

Betting fans shouldn’t miss the Alabama State Hornets v Jackson State Tigers basketball showdown scheduled for January 05th. It will be possible to bet on the match until 05:00 Moscow time, and it is quite simple to determine the favorite, because in the last ten head-to-head meetings the hosts of this fight won nine victories and only lost once. Moreover, the only victory of the basketball club Jackson State Tigers was five years ago.

Alabama State Hornets

Although the Alabama State Hornets have not played well this month, the team is often able to achieve the desired result. After all, if last year the hosts finished at the bottom of the standings, now they are consistently going eleventh in the championship, keeping a small chance of competing for a place in the playoffs. The hosts are good defensively and have good forwards, but the tight schedule adds to the complexity, as the Alabama State Hornets will have to play their second match in two days. And, although the composition of the team is extensive, other basketball players cannot completely replace the leaders, which affects the game. After such a busy schedule began, basketball club Alabama State Hornets never managed to cross the bar of one hundred points. There have been three wins in the last five rounds by a slight margin.

Literally from the first rounds, the Jackson State Tigers basketball club managed to break out into the leaders and now the team continues to lead the standings. In addition, the guests constantly manage to slightly increase the gap, so there is no longer any doubt which team will win the regular season. It can be seen that the head coach began to rotate little by little, trying to bring his players in great shape to the playoffs. But, even if reserve players appear on the court, this does not affect the result, because the last time the basketball club Jackson State Tigers lost at the beginning of last month, and the winning streak is already fifteen matches. Away the team plays no worse than at home, gaining more than 110 points almost always. At the moment, only deep reserve players are injured in the Jackson State Tigers basketball club.

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Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers. HOW DO YOU PLAY BETWEEN YOURSELF?

The Alabama State Hornets basketball club will end their home streak with a game scheduled for January 05th. This time the hosts will face the Jackson State Tigers, so at 05:00 Moscow time the fans in the stands should see a real spectacle. The last time the teams played against each other two months ago, and then the basketball club Alabama State Hornets won 132-126. The same team leads in the overall statistics of the confrontation.

In recent years, the Alabama State Hornets have been one of the strongest basketball clubs in this tournament, but at the moment the team is not in the best condition, as it cannot find its game. After a weak start to the season, the head coach was dismissed, and the new mentor cannot achieve stability from his charges, since many basketball players show weak physical shape and are simply not ready to play at this level. If the basketball players of the Alabama State Hornets club are still doing well at someone else’s ring, then the defensive play is much worse than last year, since the team allows almost every opponent to gain a lot of points. In part, the failures in defense can be attributed to permanent injuries, since at the moment there are two attacking defenders in the infirmary, which are key. And now the team still doesn’t have players who can shoot three-pointers.

Last season, basketball club Jackson State Tigers became the winner of this tournament, so this year the guests would love to defend their title. In the regular season, the team started poorly, but then gained shape, so a ticket to the playoffs was secured well in advance. Basketball club Jackson State Tigers have already secured the fourth place in the standings, so in the remaining rounds of the regular season many reserve players went to the court, and the results were far from the best. It is clear that in the playoffs the Jackson State Tigers will play with their strongest squad, especially since most of the key performers have had time to rest, so they will come up in optimal shape for important fights. During this time, the team’s infirmary was also almost empty, because now there is only one defender, but he did not often get into the base earlier.

It became known that the basketball meeting Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers will be held on January 05, so the players will have enough time to prepare for the match. The basketball players of these teams will appear on the court at 05:00 Moscow time. If we take into account the statistics of previous meetings, then the favorite is obvious, since the hosts of this match have won eight victories in the last ten head-to-head matches, having suffered only two defeats.

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Basketball club Alabama State Hornets are playing very aggressively this season, and it was skillful offensive actions that often allowed the team to come back, although before that they lost with a large gap. Not having the strongest lineup in this tournament, the Alabama State Hornets basketball club already created a real sensation when it managed to qualify for the playoffs, and even go through the first stage, although the opponent was very difficult and more experienced. The hosts themselves have not played at such a high level for a long time, but the basketball players of the Alabama State Hornets club, although they do not have experience, still have great talent and most of them regularly score points in every match. In addition, the hosts are distinguished by good teamwork, so they move very quickly from defense to attack. Only the center, who injured his wrist, will not help the team in this game.

Last week, basketball club Jackson State Tigers did manage to overcome a series of failures and win a much-needed win that propelled the team to ninth place and brought it significantly closer to the playoff zone. Until the last match, the guests had a series of four defeats, and the last game the basketball players of the Jackson State Tigers also did not start in the best way, because in the first quarter they allowed the opponent to score almost forty points. In the second quarter, the guests also played poorly, but after a long break, a completely different team entered the court, which managed to eliminate a huge gap, and still win with a margin of six points. If the basketball club Jackson State Tigers continue to play as in the second half of the last match, then the guests will definitely be able to break into the ranks of the strongest and the season will not end at the end of the regular season. At the moment, the team has no personnel losses, as minor damage to those players who rarely appeared this season.

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TODAY MATCH Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

In the offseason, management made a huge mistake by letting go of three key players, so now the Alabama State Hornets basketball club is performing terribly, losing to almost everyone in a row. It is not surprising that the hosts are on the last line, and it will not be easy even to climb one place higher in the championship, since the gap is already very large. There is absolutely no coherence in the actions of the basketball players of the Alabama State Hornets club, so the team plays poorly in defense, and even worse shows itself in attack, because only in rare matches it is possible to score a large number of points. In their last eight bouts, the Alabama State Hornets have won only two matches, and even then they were against teams that are also at the bottom of the standings. Not only are there almost no experienced players left in the home team, the main center will definitely not play in this match, but both forwards may also miss the game.

And in years past, basketball club Jackson State Tigers have shown weak results, being at the bottom of the standings, but in the offseason, two key forwards left the team, so things got even worse. This season, the guests are already at the bottom of the standings, losing to almost everyone, because on average, the Jackson State Tigers win one match out of five. Now in the team there is no longer a single basketball player who could try to pull the guests, so even the most desperate fans no longer believe that the Jackson State Tigers football club will be able to get out of the bottom of the championship. In addition, the head coach himself resigned two weeks ago, so the guests temporarily do not have a permanent mentor, and the interim specialist does not know how to find an approach to the players so that they start to play at least a little better. The center and point guard will definitely miss this match for the guests, as well as the questionable entry of two more basketball players from the nearest reserve.


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