Forecast Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers (09.01.2022), odds and odds

On January 9 at 01:30 Moscow time, the NCAA championship match will take place, in which the local club Alabama State Hornets will take on the Jackson State Tigers national championship rival.


There is no doubt that the basketball match of the Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers will arouse such great interest among the audience that all fans of this sport will watch it at 01:30 Moscow time. The fight will take place on January 09 and will open the next round of the championship. For more than six months, the teams did not have to meet in the same arena, and in such a short period of time a lot has changed in the clubs. As for the last game, BC Jackson State Tigers won with a score of 94-92.

Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers. WHO IS THE FAVORITE OF THE MATCH?

At 01:30 Moscow time, players from the Alabama State Hornets and Jackson State Tigers will enter the basketball court. The tournament organizers are going to hold this game on January 09. The last time the teams met on the court two months ago, and then the basketball players of the Jackson State Tigers celebrated a landslide victory. But, if we take all the statistics of this confrontation, then BC Alabama State Hornets was stronger in it, having won 87 matches out of 134 head-to-head meetings.

Alabama State Hornets

We can safely say that now the basketball club Alabama State Hornets is going through another crisis, as they managed to win only two wins in the last eight meetings. And since in the last round the team generally lost to an outsider with a difference of twelve points, the head coach needs to urgently change something before the management changes him. The hosts left the playoff zone in the last round, so they urgently need to return there, and the current game of the Alabama State Hornets basketball club is more conducive to the fact that the team will only move away from the eighth line. In the defense of the hosts there is no coordinated action, because more than once situations have already arisen when all the players fled to the other side and forgot about protecting their own ring. In the home walls of the Alabama State Hornets, they still show some kind of stability, and on the road there is a completely slack team.

Before the start of this season, a new coach came to the Jackson State Tigers basketball club, who was tasked by the management to build a new team, actively using young players. But, despite the fact that the restructuring of the guests has not yet been completed, they show good results, because now they are in eighth place and have a good chance of getting into the playoffs. The most important thing is that with a new mentor, the basketball players began to show character, because in the last match at one point the gap reached even nineteen points, but still the BC Jackson State Tigers players managed to turn the tide of the meeting and win with a narrow margin. On the road, the team plays with a greater focus on defense, so it scores less points, but still victories on the road happen quite often. In this match, the coach will not be able to count on the three basketball players from the base.

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Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers: author’s forecast

The Alabama State Hornets basketball club will end their home streak with a match scheduled for January 9th. This time the opponents of the hosts will be the Jackson State Tigers, so at 01:30 Moscow time the fans in the stands should see a real spectacle. The last time the teams played against each other two months ago, and then the victory with a score of 132-126 was won by the basketball club Alabama State Hornets. The same team leads in the overall statistics of the confrontation.

With the arrival of a new coach, the Alabama State Hornets basketball club began to show truly team play. The individual performance of the players suffered from this, but the overall results of the team have improved significantly, so that this season the hosts are among the strongest in this tournament. If we take the last game, then only one basketball player managed to score seventeen points, and the rest did not score more than fifteen, but all twelve announced players managed to be noted. The key center plays very effectively, who began to score less, but now completely excludes the leader of the opposing team from the game. The current mentor also made a defensive bias, so now the hosts play very reliably in defense, not often letting the enemy get close to their ring. In this match, everything is in order with the defense players, and only a heavy forward who injured his ankle in the last match can miss the game.

Two years ago, basketball club Jackson State Tigers reached the final of this tournament, but last year was a failure, which was due to the departure of many players. This season, the guests are no longer showing so bad results, because the team was still able to secure a ticket to the playoffs, although this was done only in the penultimate round of the regular season. The current head coach adheres to the attacking style that basketball club Jackson State Tigers play both on their court and away. But, at a party, the team still shows weaker results, since the number of points scored decreases, but guests are allowed to pass much more than at home. In addition, the mentor still has problems with the line-up, because not all players are stable during this season, and injuries will definitely prevent a heavy forward and an attacking defender from entering the game.

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Today the match Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

It became known that the basketball game Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers will be held on January 09, so the players will have enough time to prepare for the match. The basketball players of these teams will appear on the court at 01:30 Moscow time. If we take into account the statistics of previous meetings, then the favorite is obvious, since the hosts of this match won eight victories in the last ten head-to-head matches, having suffered only two defeats.

The Alabama State Hornets lost their last match, shaking its position in the standings. The team started the fight very powerfully and after the first quarter was leading in the score, but then the hosts lost dominance on both sides of the court, so they gradually began to lose their point advantage. And in the third period there were four minutes when the Alabama State Hornets basketball club allowed the opponent to score seventeen points, which is unacceptable for a team of this level. In general, the hosts show reliable defensive actions and creative attacking play, but in the last round there was neither the first nor the second. But, since that match was played away, and away the Alabama State Hornets are playing a little worse than at home, there is a hope that in this fight the hosts will be able to show a much better result. Moreover, there are currently no injured key players in the Alabama State Hornets basketball club.

The Jackson State Tigers recently had a slump in which the team suffered four defeats, although the opponents were not the strongest. But, the management did not make hasty decisions, giving the coach the opportunity to rectify the situation, and the result came, since at the moment the guests are issuing a series of six victories. This allowed him to regain his fourth place in the standings, and if the basketball club Jackson State Tigers won at least two more matches, it may well rise to the second line. In defense, the team did not play more reliably, but the guests improved significantly in terms of attack, as they gain on average 118 points per match. Away, the Jackson State Tigers have a slightly lower attacking potential, making it harder to win away. The center will definitely miss this match, and the entrance to the pitch of the light forward is in question.

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TODAY MATCH Alabama State Hornets – Jackson State Tigers. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Fans of the Alabama State Hornets basketball club are already accustomed to constant victories, because if the team does not win the regular season, then it necessarily shows itself well in the playoffs. At the moment, the hosts are second in the championship, not far behind the leader, so the team still has time to get to the first line. Moreover, the Alabama State Hornets basketball club is still invincible at home, having won absolutely all home matches this season. The hosts manage to show good results thanks to their powerful offensive play, because on average the team is gaining more than 115 points per match. And the head coach does not rely only on the top five, but often lets out other basketball players on the court, giving the team leaders time to rest. The Alabama State Hornets’ winning streak is now seven games, and it could increase as the hosts have no headcount.

And in years past, basketball club Jackson State Tigers showed weak results, being at the bottom of the standings, but in the offseason, two key forwards left the team, so things got even worse. This season, the guests are already at the bottom of the standings, losing to almost everyone, because on average, the Jackson State Tigers win one match out of five. Now in the team there is no longer a single basketball player who could try to pull out the guests, so even the most desperate fans no longer believe that the Jackson State Tigers football club will be able to get out of the bottom of the championship. In addition, the head coach himself resigned two weeks ago, so the guests temporarily do not have a permanent mentor, and the interim specialist does not know how to find an approach to the players so that they start to play at least a little better. The center and point guard will definitely miss this match for the guests, as well as the questionable entry of two more basketball players from the nearest reserve.


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