Forecast and bets on the tennis match Robin Montgomery – Haley Baptiste 25.02.21

On February 25th at 20:30 on the tennis court there will be a meeting between Robin Montgomery and Haley Baptiste. The experts consider the more eminent Robin Montgomery to be the clear favorite in this pair, who has won more than one victory in various tournaments. At the same time, getting into such a late stage of the current tournament has already become a holiday for Hayley Baptiste. Although history knows not a few cases when an outsider achieved fantastic success solely on one desire. However, this fight is unlikely to turn into a fairy tale for Haley Baptiste, his opponent is already painfully strong and mother. Bookmakers carefully considered every little thing and set their own odds:

The match will be won by Robin Montgomery – 1.415, the match will be won by Hayley Baptiste – 2.822.

Bookmaker odds are often the most believable reflection of the odds of success in a tennis match. Everything is logical here, because the office cannot afford to lose money. Therefore, if you constantly bet on the favorite, then you can at least not lose big. However, professionals do not accept this approach, because first you need to familiarize yourself with the smallest aspects of the upcoming meeting, analyze everything to the smallest detail, and only after that make a bet. Moreover, in tennis, everything focuses only on the athlete, on whom the outcome of the match depends one hundred percent, no mistakes of your teammates, and the role of a referee is practically excluded.

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Robin Montgomery has a certain advantage in personal meetings, although on this surface there is equality between the rivals, because both won two out of four fights. But if you look at the current form, then, Hayley Baptiste is now on the move, as demonstrated by an impressive winning streak. Both rivals are among the elite of world tennis, so they will act against each other sparing no effort. In all matches, at least four sets were played between them, which only confirms the above. So we advise you to use the forecast of our analysts.

Most experts agree that everything is clear in this fight even before it starts. The strengths of the upcoming rivals are not equal. Robin Montgomery is a regular participant in the decisive matches and the winner of major tournaments, he is one of the ten leading world tennis players, and Hayley Baptiste is just starting her career in big sports. So we predict that Robin Montgomery will have an easy win.

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