forecast, bookmaker’s bets on the match. ITF 24.02.21

Robin Montgomery – Jovana Jovic: prediction, bookmaker bets on the match. ITF 24.02.21

For a long time, Robin Montgomery and Jovana Jovic could not cross their rackets to determine who is the best athlete today. For a long time in the world of tennis, there has been an opinion that these athletes are now the best, but before this tournament, the paths of tennis players did not intersect, so it was not easy to say which of them deserves the title of the best athlete on tennis Olympus. Tennis lovers, as well as world experts and forecasters, among whom there are employees of our site, believe that the result of this meeting will answer many questions. The media also do not stop actively discussing this match, offering not only to watch this confrontation online, but also actively sharing their predictions. In light of such events, we also decided to offer tennis fans predictions for the central match of the tournament, in which Robin Montgomery and Jovana Jovic will meet. This will be a confrontation between worthy rivals, since tennis players are significantly superior to their counterparts both in physical and psychological preparation. The talks revolve around whether one of the rivals will be able to win with little blood, or the fans will face a tense confrontation, the winner of which will be determined by the decisive set. The advantage of the decisive set is that the intrigue persists until the end, and only the decisive rally will be able to put an end to this confrontation, determining the winner of the match. And forecasts from our experts will allow you to watch this match with even greater interest, since bettors will be able to make a variety of bets, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

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There is a lot of information in the media regarding the confrontation, in which Robin Montgomery and Jovana Jovich will be rivals. The athletes are well prepared for this tournament, as evidenced by their results in the current season. While predicting this confrontation, the experts of our resource drew attention to the fact that Robin Montgomery and Jovana Jovic are gaining shape almost every year before this tournament, and in general they demonstrate good results here, allowing them to reach the serious stages of the tournament. In general, judging by the performances on various types of surfaces of these rivals, we came to the conclusion that the surface on which the tournament is held is the most preferable for these athletes. Robin Montgomery has extensive experience of performing at major tournaments, perfectly knows how to calculate his strength at a distance, which allows him to stay at the top of the rating for a long time. Jovana Jovic, despite his youth, possesses excellent technique, and due to the successful combination of these qualities, he has excellent statistical indicators that allow him to approach the top of the world ranking. That is, today we will face a confrontation between experience and youth. Our experts reacted with interest to forecasting this match, as we are confident that a large number of tennis fans will watch the development of events in this confrontation, who will certainly want to place bets at bookmakers on this match. Below you can find recommendations and predictions from our experts, who, we hope, will help you to win on bets at bookmakers.

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The odds for a tennis match, in which Robin Montgomery and Jovana Jovic became rivals, were somewhat unexpected for the experts of our resource. Bookmakers, in our opinion, somewhat overestimated the odds that Robin Montgomery will win the match. The athlete is now just in excellent shape, for several tournaments he has been producing excellent stable results, which allowed him to return to former positions in the ranking. According to the athlete, this season is associated with high hopes, which is why now all thoughts are directed only to winning as many matches and winning as many titles as possible. Jovana Jovic is also in good shape, and even has an advantage in personal meetings. However, the type of tournament coverage is inconvenient for the athlete, since it is necessary to keep the ball in the rally, and the athlete tries to decide the fate of the rally through several hits, which leads to frequent mistakes. Robin Montgomery, on the contrary, plays exactly on the opponent’s mistakes, so this type of coverage is traditionally more preferable. We believe that bets on the victory of an opponent who is more inclined to play on this type of surface are fully justified, therefore, Robin Montgomery will be the winner of the match. Too high total is offered by bookmakers in this match. It is unlikely that there will be protracted sets, since Jovana Jovic will not be able to consistently keep his serve. Based on this, our experts see an easy victory for the favorite, therefore, the total total of games and sets in this match should be played for less. The same applies to the individual total of the outsider. By the way, a rather interesting bet in this match looks like a bet on the favorite’s handicap, which, in our opinion, is actually a bet that Robin Montgomery will win the match. We advise you to take a closer look at this rate.

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The game will end with the victory of Robin Montgomery – 1.3, the game will end with the victory of Jovan Jovic – 3.42.

Choosing a match for forecasting, the experts of our resource drew attention to a major tennis tournament, in which Robin Montgomery and Jovana Jovich will be rivals. Here we tried not only to choose an interesting match for prediction, since, in our opinion, the bookmakers offer quite interesting quotes and events in this confrontation, but we also think that athletes will be able to please fans with interesting draws and incredible combinations, as we have overcome resistance of your opponents in the early stages of the tournament. Recall that only major tennis tournaments allow athletes to gain a large number of points, which affect where they are in the world standings, therefore, at such tournaments, everyone, without exception, tries to demonstrate the best tennis in order to get as far as possible along the tournament grid. Our rivals here are no exception, the athletes are still confidently acting in this tournament, however, it will be possible to learn about the degree of their preparation from this match, since there simply will not be anyone here, therefore, the fans will face an interesting confrontation.

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