Forecast Ho-Ching Wu – Robin Montgomery (May 10th), bets and odds

On May 10 at 09:00 Moscow time, a match will take place as part of the ITF Championship, in which Ho-Ching Wu will enter the court, and Robin Montgomery will face in this fight.


The tennis confrontation between Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery will take place on May 10, thanks to which the athletes still have enough time to prepare for the game. Fans of this sport will be able to watch the match at 09:00 Moscow time. Although Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery have been playing tennis for many years, there was only one meeting between them before, which took place seven years ago. There were five sets in it, and at the end of the match, the future first racket of the world, Robin Montgomery, celebrated the victory.

Ho-Ching Wu – Robin Montgomery. WHO IS THE FAVORITE OF THE MATCH?

The prestigious tennis tournament kicks off next week, and on May 10 it will open with Ho-Ching Wu vs. Robin Montgomery. For those who want to get to the opening match, it is better to come to the stands before 09:00 Moscow time, that is, before the start of the game. Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery know each other very well, because the history of the confrontation has already twelve matches in which Robin Montgomery can be proud of seven victories, but Ho-Ching Wu has only five meetings won.

Ho Ching Wu

At the moment, Ho-Ching Wu is the most experienced player in this tennis tournament, because he is 32 years old, and has been participating in this Masters for the eighth year in a row. There were no special successes, except that once it was possible to reach the semi-finals, but there is no doubt that Ho-Ching Wu will definitely get into the top eight. So far, only one match has been played, where they managed to beat a more eminent opponent who was not in the best shape, so he was losing a lot of real opportunities, and Ho-Ching Wu demonstrates that you can convert your every break point. Ho-Ching Wu hits well with both forehand and backhand, and is not afraid of grass courts, because a huge number of matches have been played on this surface, including this season. The weak point is only the back line, because Ho-Ching Wu often loses it, allowing opponents to use it.

In the adult tour Robin Montgomery spend only the second full season, so while no one expects big things. Yes, among juniors it was even possible to reach third place in the rankings, but professional tennis is a completely different level, so you still need to gain experience in order to perform well. Last season, they managed to break into the main draw of all Grand Slam tournaments, which is already a good achievement for debutants. This season, Robin Montgomery is also only going through the qualifying stages, but he can’t go further, because there is already a completely different level of players. Robin Montgomery prefers power tennis, but it is only suitable in the case of weak or equal opponents, and it is very difficult to pass the representatives of the top hundred of the world ranking on one strength. Moreover, Misaki Doi still has problems with the reception, does not always close the back line, and also plays mostly only on clay courts.

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For a long time, Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery could not cross rackets to determine who is the best athlete today. For a long time in the world of tennis there has been an opinion that these athletes are now the best, but before this tournament the paths of tennis players did not cross, so it was not easy to say which of them deserved the title of the best athlete on the tennis Olympus. Tennis fans, as well as world experts and forecasters, among whom there are employees of our site, believe that the result of this meeting will allow answering many questions. The media also do not stop actively discussing this match, offering not only to watch this confrontation online, but also actively sharing their predictions. In light of such events, we also decided to offer tennis fans predictions for the central match of the tournament, in which Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery will meet. This will be a confrontation between worthy opponents, as tennis players are significantly superior to their counterparts in both physical and psychological preparation. Talks are going around whether one of the opponents will be able to win with little blood, or whether the fans are in for a tense confrontation, the winner of which will be determined by the decisive set. The advantage of the decisive set is that the intrigue is maintained until the end, and only the decisive draw will be able to put an end to this confrontation, determining the winner of the match. And the predictions from our experts will allow you to watch this match with even greater interest, as bettors will be able to make a variety of bets, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

Despite his impressive age, Ho-Ching Wu is showing great form this year, having already managed to win two minor tournaments. They were used primarily to get in the best shape, as Ho-Ching Wu is much more eager to win this tournament, which is one of the most prestigious. Ho-Ching Wu has vast experience in tennis, and this is not surprising for the second racket of the world, but even with such a busy schedule of matches, it turns out to constantly win without losing a single set to opponents. A difficult match was expected at the last stage, but the opponent, after an hour of intense struggle, refused to play, complaining of health problems. This allowed us to save energy, so that in this match, Ho-Ching Wu will once again be able to demonstrate his maximum capabilities. Ho-Ching Wu can play consistently on any court surface, with trophies won on all the different types.

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Due to Robin Montgomery’s low place in the tennis rating, all tournaments start with qualifications, but these fights do not present any difficulty, since they mostly have early victories. Due to the fact that many fights were already played at the beginning of the season, Robin Montgomery is now showing a powerful form, so she is already among the favorites at this tournament. In past tournaments, it was not possible to win trophies only because there were defeats from clearly stronger opponents, because in one tournament the loss was from the future winner, and in the second from the opponent who reached the semi-finals. Qualification was also easily passed at this tournament, because all three matches ended on the basis of two games. It can be seen that with each fight Robin Montgomery feels better on these courts, so in this match there should no longer be problems with adapting to the type of coverage. Robin Montgomery prefers fast paced and hard hitting, but can also play well on defense when needed.

Today match Ho-Ching Wu – Robin Montgomery Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Our analysts have repeatedly emphasized that the rating of tennis players is not the most important thing for determining the winner in a particular match. Physical condition, psychological stability, mood and coverage of the tournament are one of the most important criteria that require the most careful study and analysis to determine the favorite of a particular tennis match. They are also the primary factors when looking for interesting bets on a particular tennis confrontation. When predicting the match between Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery, the analysts of our portal tried to take into account all these factors. Moreover, the athletes are well acquainted with each other, as their paths crossed at various tournaments. Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery have a wealth of performance experience as they have been showing great results for a number of years, achieving victories and winning titles. The current tournament for them is a great opportunity to demonstrate a high level of preparation and compete for another trophy. It is still too early to talk about the possibility of reaching the final of the tournament or winning titles, as a very strong lineup of athletes has gathered at this tournament. On the other hand, defeating a strong athlete and winning the title is a great demonstration of their claims to a higher rating, and Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery will try not to miss this chance. Our forecasts boil down to the fact that the match will be interesting, since it is very difficult to give an unconditional advantage to one of the opponents here.

Based on the bookmakers’ odds for the match between Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery, our experts drew attention to it. In general, Ho-Ching Wu is not in such good shape now to see this athlete as the clear favorite of the match. It is possible that the bookmakers in their quotes for this confrontation proceeded from the rating of opponents, but they apparently did not take into account that Robin Montgomery has more games played on this type of coverage, and in general, she has an advantage in personal meetings. We carefully analyzed the results of the opponents in this tournament, and also paid attention to how the athletes performed here in previous years. The information received gave us additional confidence that Ho-Ching Wu is not such a clear favorite. Based on this, we recommend betting on the positive handicap of the bookmaker’s outsider in this match. Those bettors who prefer risky bets can play an outsider’s victory, by the way, bookmakers offer a fairly high coefficient for this, which will allow you to increase the game bank several times. We would also recommend paying attention to the total number of games in this match. Our analysts think that the match will be long, which automatically implies betting on total over games. Our confidence in this forecast is supported by the fact that all personal meetings of athletes on this type of surface took place in wrestling. Most likely, this confrontation will not be an exception, especially since Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery demonstrate a good level of preparation at this tournament.

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Today, among sports betting fans, tennis is especially popular. Due to the fact that modern bookmakers have significantly expanded the line of bets on this sport, bettors have the opportunity to have a large selection of events for tennis matches. Now you can bet not only on match outcomes, odds and totals, but also on sets, games and statistics. Of course, in order to win on bets on tennis statistics, you need to have certain knowledge, but thanks to our analysts, who select the most interesting tennis matches and make predictions for them, everything becomes much easier. Today, among a large number of tennis matches, our experts have chosen a match in which the opponents will be Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery. These sportsmen confidently play in this tournament, they overcame their opponents without spending extra effort. Most likely, tennis players planned their schedule in such a way as to reach the peak of their form with the preservation of a large amount of physical and psychological strength just in time for the important stages of the tournament. Our analysts believe that the upcoming match will be a serious test for both Ho-Ching Wu and Robin Montgomery, as the actions of the athletes on the court will allow them to assess their real training, and will also answer the question of whether athletes can be considered as one of the contenders for title in this tournament. Therefore, we recommend that you watch this match, and in order to stir up interest in watching the confrontation, we advise you to use our predictions, which are given below.

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