Forecast Kennesaw State Owls – North Alabama Lions (01/16/2021), bets and odds

On January 16 at 02:00 UTC, the NCAA championship match will take place, in which the local club Kennesaw State Owls will take on their national championship opponent North Alabama Lions.

Basketball players from Kennesaw State Owls and North Alabama Lions will start playing in a head-to-head meeting at 02:00 Moscow time. The organizers of this tournament are going to fight on January 16th. The last time the teams met was last year, when BC Kennesaw State Owls won an easy win, winning 105-81. In the general statistics of the confrontation, Kennesaw State Owls is also the leader in terms of the number of victories.

Kennesaw State Owls – North Alabama Lions. WHO FAVORITES THE MATCH?

The Kennesaw State Owls – North Alabama Lions basketball game will take place on January 16th as part of the highly popular tournament, with players arriving at the field at 02:00 Moscow time. Each year the teams play at least two matches with each other, so there have already been 156 meetings between them, in which the Kennesaw State Owls basketball club is the obvious leader, having won 104 matches. The teams have not met this season.

Kennesaw State Oles

In the summer, the Kennesaw State Owls basketball club held a player sale, so that several key basketball players left the team, who cannot yet be replaced by newcomers. Now the owners are in the penultimate place and are unlikely to rise higher, but it is quite possible to lower them to the last line. The management has not yet dismissed the coaching staff, but this is primarily due to the fact that a new mentor has not yet been found who would be able to start preparing the team for the next season, since this one has already failed. In the last ten matches, the Kennesaw State Owls basketball club has won only one victory, and even at home, the team cannot demonstrate a strong game, and performs badly both in defense and in attack. Two point guard at once are injured, so the hosts will have problems with this position.

After a bad start to the season, the North Alabama Lions basketball club slowly began to gain momentum and climb the standings. To date, the guests occupy the ninth line, so the team lacks only two victories to participate in the playoffs. The North Alabama Lions basketball club recently hit a six-win streak in a row, but the last round was cut short when the team lost on the road. The first three periods on the court were an equal fight, but in the fourth the North Alabama Lions’ basketball players surrendered, so they lost with a minimal lag. In many ways, the guests’ game depends on the form the team leader is showing. If, on average, he gains 16.5 points per match, then in the last fight he only scored 13 points. Two main defenders at once will not be able to help the guests due to injuries received last week.

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Kennesaw State Owls – North Alabama Lions. HOW DO YOU PLAY BETWEEN YOURSELF?

The head coach of the Kennesaw State Owls basketball club promised that on January 16, his players will give their best in a home match to please the audience with a victory at 02:00 Moscow time. But, this will not be so easy, because the North Alabama Lions basketball club will have to resist. The hosts have not the best statistics of meetings with this rival, since they managed to win only twice in the last ten head-to-head matches.

In recent years, Kennesaw State Owls has been one of the strongest basketball clubs in this tournament, but at the moment the team is not in the best condition, as it cannot find its game. After a weak start to the season, the head coach was dismissed, and the new mentor cannot achieve stability from his charges, since many basketball players show weak physical shape and are simply not ready to play at this level. If the basketball players of the Kennesaw State Owls club are still doing well at someone else’s ring, then the game in defense is much worse than last year, since the team allows almost every opponent to gain a lot of points. In part, the failures in defense can be attributed to permanent injuries, since at the moment there are two attacking defenders in the infirmary at once, which are key. And now the team still doesn’t have players who can shoot three-pointers.

Last season, the North Alabama Lions basketball club won this tournament, so this year the guests would love to defend their title. In the regular season, the team started poorly, but then got in shape, so a ticket to the playoffs was secured well in advance. Basketball club North Alabama Lions have already secured the fourth place in the standings, so in the remaining rounds of the regular season many reserve players entered the court, and the results were far from the best. It is clear that in the playoffs the North Alabama Lions will play with their strongest lineup, especially since most of the key performers have had time to rest, so they will come up in optimal shape for important fights. During this time, the team’s infirmary was also almost empty, because now there is only one defender, but he did not often hit the base earlier.

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Basketball club Kennesaw State Owls after a long away streak returns to their home walls, where on January 16 they will play a match against BC North Alabama Lions. The siren, which will notify about the start of the fight, will sound at 02:00 Moscow time. This season, the hosts have already managed to beat this opponent, when three months ago a victory was recorded with an advantage of eighteen points. Last year, BC Kennesaw State Owls also had no problems in confrontations with this team, having won two victories.

This season, the Kennesaw State Owls basketball club is playing very aggressively in the opposing side of the court, and it was skillful offensive actions that often allowed the team to come back, although before that it was losing with a large gap. Having not the strongest lineup in this tournament, the Kennesaw State Owls basketball club already created a real sensation when it managed to qualify for the playoffs, and even go through the first stage, although the opponent was very difficult and more experienced. The owners themselves have not played at such a high level for a long time, but the basketball players of the Kennesaw State Owls club, although they do not have experience, still have great talent and most of them regularly score points in every match. In addition, the hosts are distinguished by good teamwork, so they move very quickly from defense to attack. Only the center, who injured his wrist, will not help the team in this game.

Contrary to expectations, basketball club North Alabama Lions is now performing well and the team even managed to get to the first place in their Conference. The guests injured two key basketball players – an attacking defender and a heavy forward, but even without them the team shows good results. The North Alabama Lions basketball club won five matches in a row, and in the last one they easily beat the opponent, securing an advantage of more than twenty points. With their current coach, the North Alabama Lions play attacking basketball, regularly hitting over a hundred points per game. The North Alabama Lions basketball club is not afraid of away matches, because on the road it plays no worse than at home. Then the team will have to play according to an even more complicated calendar, so the head coach needs to think about rotation, because many basketball players have to go to the court in every match.

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TODAY MATCH Kennesaw State Owls – North Alabama Lions. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Fans of the Kennesaw State Owls basketball club are already accustomed to constant victories, because if the team does not win the regular season, then it necessarily shows itself well in the playoffs. At the moment, the hosts are second in the championship, not far behind the leader, so the team still has time to get to the first line. Moreover, the Kennesaw State Owls basketball club is still unbeatable in its native walls, having won absolutely all home matches this season. The hosts manage to show good results thanks to their powerful offensive play, because on average the team is gaining more than 115 points per match. And the head coach does not rely only on the top five, but often releases other basketball players to the court, giving the team leaders time to rest. Now the winning streak of the Kennesaw State Owls basketball club is seven matches, and it may increase, since the hosts have no personnel losses.

After the disastrous last season, the management of the North Alabama Lions basketball club not only dismissed the head coach, but also broke contracts with several players. A new mentor was invited, who immediately attracted new players to the team, and it was on them that he began to build the whole game. The changes were beneficial to the guests, because now the basketball club North Alabama Lions no longer looks like an obvious outsider, and even has a chance to qualify for the playoffs, since it is in ninth place and is not very far behind from eighth. The team recently had a slight slump, which led to a streak of five defeats, but the guests still managed to overcome the crisis, which allowed them to improve the game, and in the last four games there have been three wins and only one defeat. The new mentor makes a big bet on defense, so if the team is satisfied with the result, the basketball players of the North Alabama Lions club are very reliably defended and practically do not let their rivals reach their ring. Apart from the disqualification of the light forward, the guests have no personnel losses.


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