Forecast Kruger / Montgomery – Stosur / Zhang (23.03.2022), rates and odds

On March 23, 2022 at 18:00 Moscow time, a WTA championship match will take place, in which Kruger / Montgomery will enter the court, and Stosur / Zhang will face in this fight.


With Kruger/Montgomery unable to defeat the likes of Stosur/Zhang in the previous three head-to-head matches, there is little doubt about how the match scheduled for March 23, 2022 will end. But, Kruger/Montgomery will still be able to prove the opposite at 18:00 Moscow time, when the opponents appear on the tennis court.

Kruger/Montgomery – Stosur/Zhang. WHO IS THE FAVORITE OF THE MATCH?

Events that will take place on March 23, 2022 have appeared in the line of bookmakers, so in the tennis section you can find the match Kruger / Montgomery – Stosur / Zhang. For those who want to make a pre-match bet on the game, it is necessary to do this before 18:00 Moscow time, until the match starts. Kruger / Montgomery and Stosur / Zhang have never met on the court, despite the fact that they occupy high positions in the tennis rankings and have been playing at a professional level for several years.


This season, Kruger/Montgomery shows a faded game, because there were six matches played on clay, of which three were lost. And this despite the fact that almost all the matches were in qualification at various tournaments. It can be seen that Kruger/Montgomery plays very hard on clay, because earlier it was possible to take part only in those tournaments that were held on hard. Krueger/Montgomery only knows how to demonstrate an aggressive fast game, but so far things are not working out with viscous clay matches. So, even though Kruger/Montgomery is one of the twenty strongest tennis rackets in the world, one cannot speak of any leadership in this fight. Most likely, Kruger / Montgomery will bet not only on his serve, but will also try to play competently at the reception. Alize Cornet feels very well, but it is not always possible to move quickly to the net, so this is a weak point.

In the adult tour, Stosur / Zhang will only spend the second full season, so no one expects big things yet. Yes, among juniors it was even possible to reach third place in the rankings, but professional tennis is a completely different level, so you still need to gain experience in order to perform well. Last season, they managed to break into the main draw of all Grand Slam tournaments, which is already a good achievement for debutants. This season, Stosur/Zhang is also only going through the qualifying stages, but it’s impossible to go further, since there is already a completely different level of players here. Stosur/Zhang prefers power tennis, but it is only suitable in the case of weak or equal opponents, and it is very difficult to pass the representatives of the top hundred of the world ranking on one strength. Moreover, Misaki Doi still has problems with the reception, does not always close the back line, and also plays mostly only on clay courts.

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Kruger/Montgomery and Stosur/Zhang are interesting opponents who always try to show not only quality, but also beautiful tennis. The public simply loves when rivals take to the court in matches with opponents. However, the face-to-face confrontation of these athletes is an excellent occasion to admire various unthinkable things of modern tennis. Plasticity and excellent feeling of the ball are the main trump cards of the opponents, allowing them to shock opponents with successful hits from absolutely incredible positions. Our experts, predicting this match, paid attention to the coverage on which the tournament is held. They perfectly suit the opponents’ style of play, that is, there will be a place not only for incredible draws, but also for standard combinations that allow athletes to defend points on their own serve. In general, victory in this match will allow you to go to the next round of the tournament, earn rating points and prize money. Given that the opponents do not have the highest rating, they are unlikely to neglect this opportunity. Therefore, the struggle in the match will be serious. We think that the confrontation will turn out to be protracted, and we base our predictions for the match on this. They can be found below. And we recommend not to miss the match itself, as we believe that it will be an amazing spectacle that will not leave indifferent any fan of this sport.

After winning four titles at once in 2016, of which three were on hard, everyone expected Kruger/Montgomery to play at least as well last season, but it turned out to be rather weak, since there was not a single victory on serious tournament. And there were much fewer matches played, and the results in them were worse, so I had to drop from fifth place in the ranking to 26th place in world tennis. The off-season has been a tough one, so it’s hoped that Krueger/Montgomery will show a more familiar level of tennis this season and get involved in the fight for prestigious trophies. Moreover, Kruger/Montgomery likes to play most of all in the halls on hard surfaces, as this tournament can become a springboard for new successes. Despite his young age, Krueger/Montgomery already has a solid track record in professional tennis and can also demonstrate a considerable arsenal of technical skills.

Despite his young age, Stosur/Zhang demonstrates quite an adult game, so if last season there was another 212th place in the world tennis ranking, now Stosur/Zhang is already in the top hundred. This allowed us to avoid qualifying matches at this tournament and get more time to prepare. There is no doubt that from the very beginning of the game, Stosur / Zhang will demonstrate all his attacking power, as he knows how to hit hard with both sides of the racket. In matches where Stosur/Zhang takes part, it is very difficult for opponents to return the ball to the court correctly, so on the first serve it turns out to win 90% of the balls. On a hard surface, Stosur/Zhang knows how to play, because he has a high speed and good reaction, which allows him to cover the entire court, even at a very high pace of the game. Due to the fact that Stosur/Zhang has more time to rest, there is no doubt that it will be possible to endure even a very long match.

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Today match Kruger/Montgomery – Stosur/Zhang Forecasts from BC “BaltBet”

A prestigious tennis tournament is always a lot of interesting matches in which opponents of different levels meet. Among a large number of matches, our analysts have chosen to predict the match between Kruger/Montgomery vs. Stosur/Zhang. Despite the fact that the athletes occupy different lines of the rating, in fact, in this tournament they have equal chances to advance to the next round. The fact is that the coverage of the tournament perfectly suits the style of play of a tennis player who occupies a position in the ranking that is much lower than his opponent. But a tennis player who is higher in the ranking does not have enough experience of playing on this surface. This is confirmed by personal meetings of tennis players. Of course, the advantage in them is on the side of a more titled opponent, however, several meetings that took place on just such a type of coverage clearly show that this coverage is non-core for him, and here the less titled opponent won. In general, despite the fact that the line of the bookmakers has already somewhat bent towards our forecast, we still believe that the outsider of the bookmakers in this match has excellent chances not only to impose a fight on his more famous and titled opponent, but also to win. The rest of our analysts’ predictions for this match can be found below.

Krueger/Montgomery and Stosur/Zhang who will determine the strongest in the next match of the prestigious tennis tournament, rivals who are perfectly familiar with each other’s style of play. Tennis players have repeatedly crossed rackets at different stages of various tournaments. Therefore, before starting to predict this confrontation, our analysts decided to resort to head-to-head statistics. It became clear from it that Kruger/Montgomery has an advantage over the opponent, since on this type of surface it has no defeats. But Stosur / Zhang, although he shows good tennis this season, still cannot achieve more or less sane results on this type of surface. This means that our favorite for this matchup is Krueger/Montgomery. However, the match for the favorite is unlikely to be passing. Stosur/Zhang knows how to tune in to titled opponents. This is evidenced by the high rating of the athlete, and personal meetings between rivals in most matches took place in wrestling. Having carefully studied the line of bookmakers, we noticed that the line offers an underestimated total of games. We believe that this should be used, especially since in previous matches at the tournament, Kruger / Montgomery acted rather mediocrely on his pitch. If the previous opponents were much lower level, then Stosur / Zhang is unlikely to forgive this. Our experts are expecting a tight match here, but due to more experience, Krueger/Montgomery will be the winner.

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TODAY MATCH Kruger/Montgomery – Stosur/Zhang. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

For a long time, only a few athletes were at the top of the world rankings in tennis. In fact, the composition of the main contenders for trophies in a particular tournament remained unchanged. However, things have changed significantly over the years. In terms of the level of play, young people are starting to catch up with the representatives of the elite elite, and young talents are trying not only to impose a fight, they go on the court to win, as evidenced by a number of unexpected results at the most prestigious tournaments. Sensations in tennis matches are happening everywhere, and this is no surprise to anyone. Our analysts have long realized that it is necessary to rebuild the approach to predicting tennis matches. It is necessary to pay more attention to analytics, paying attention to the statistical indicators of athletes on a particular type of surface, it is necessary to abandon the analysis of matches based only on the rating of athletes. The fact is that only a small part of tennis players are generalists who can demonstrate stable results on all types of surfaces. Most athletes show the best tennis on only one type of surface. Thus, the analysts of our portal emphasize that high-quality prediction of tennis matches is impossible without understanding a number of factors. We tried to use these factors in the analysis of the match in which Kruger / Montgomery and Stosur / Zhang will meet, a detailed forecast for this interesting tennis match can be read below. We hope that the fans will not be disappointed with the performance of the athletes.

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