Forecast Lipscomb – North Alabama Lions (01/05/2022), bets and odds

On January 05, 2022 at 04:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the NCAA championship, in which the local club Lipscomb will take on the opponent in the national championship of the North Alabama Lions.

There is no doubt that the Lipscomb – North Alabama Lions basketball match will arouse such great interest among the audience that all fans of this sport will watch it at 04:00 Moscow time. The fight will take place on January 05, 2022 and will open the next round of the championship. For more than six months, the teams did not have to meet in the same arena, and in such a short period of time a lot has changed in the clubs. As for the last game, BC North Alabama Lions won with a score of 94-92.

BOOKMER’S RATES / RATIOS AT Lipscomb – North Alabama Lions Match:

For the fourth game in a row, the Lipscomb basketball club has been playing on its court, and on January 5, 2022, the hosts will have a match against the players of the North Alabama Lions club. This match will be broadcast live on sports channels at 04:00 Moscow time. This season alone, this is the fourth meeting of these teams, and in the previous three, basketball players of the Lipscomb club won two victories, and once the players of BC North Alabama Lions were stronger.


Now basketball club Lipscomb is going through another crisis again. After a weak start to the season, there was a good segment, in which the team won thirteen victories in fifteen rounds, but now the hosts are disappointing the fans again, having lost three matches in a row. These results have lowered the basketball club Lipscomb to fifth place, but if the owners do not get out of the crisis, they can drop significantly lower. If the team still has no problems with defense, then the realization of the chances fails, since the players often do not use almost one hundred percent opportunities. It’s a good thing that Lipscomb doesn’t lose often at home, as basketball players are always ready to demonstrate incredible motivation. A center and point guard are in the hosts’ infirmary.

After a bad start to the season, basketball club North Alabama Lions slowly began to gain momentum and climb the standings. To date, the guests are in ninth place, so the team lacks only two victories to participate in the playoffs. Basketball club North Alabama Lions recently had a six-win streak in a row, but the streak was interrupted in the final round when the team lost on the road. The first three periods on the court were an equal fight, but in the fourth the North Alabama Lions’ basketball players surrendered, so they lost with a minimal lag. In many ways, the guests’ play depends on the form the team leader is showing. If on average he is gaining 16.5 points per match, then in the last fight he only scored 13 points. Two main defenders at once will not be able to help the guests due to injuries received last week.

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Until January 05, 2022, bookmakers will accept bets on the Lipscomb – North Alabama Lions basketball match. And since the beginning of the meeting is at 04:00 Moscow time, then it will no longer be possible to place a bet. The favorite of this confrontation is too obvious, because basketball club Lipscomb almost constantly wins, since the last defeat was already eight years ago.

After numerous losses on the road, basketball club Lipscomb is finally returning to its home court, and the team is playing much better at home. In the last away match, BC Lipscomb played just awful, as it turned out with difficulty to score only fifty points, and only two players acted normally in the team, and even then only in one quarter. With the support of the stands, Lipscomb basketball club always performs better, and on average scores over a hundred points per match. But, the owners still need to work on their actions in the attack, as the realization fails from the three-second zone, and also the basketball players of the Lipscomb club are throwing from beyond the arc. There are no serious personnel losses in the hosts’ squad, because the players are in the infirmary, but this season they do not play a big role in the team’s game.

Last season, the North Alabama Lions basketball club won the tournament, so this year the guests would love to defend their title. In the regular season, the team started poorly, but then gained shape, so a ticket to the playoffs was secured well in advance. Basketball club North Alabama Lions have already secured the fourth place in the standings, so in the remaining rounds of the regular season many reserve players entered the court, and the results were far from the best. It is clear that in the playoffs the North Alabama Lions will play with their strongest line-up, especially since most of the key performers have had time to rest, so they will come up in optimal shape for important fights. During this time, the team’s infirmary was also almost empty, because now there is only one defender, but he did not often hit the base earlier.

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Basketball club Lipscomb, after a long away streak, returns to its home walls, where on January 05, 2022 they will play a match against BC North Alabama Lions. The siren will sound at 04:00 Moscow time. This season, the hosts have already managed to beat this opponent, when three months ago a victory was recorded with an advantage of eighteen points. Last year, BC Lipscomb also had no problems in confrontations with this team, having won two victories.

Despite the fact that the basketball club Lipscomb did not start the season in the best way, so that it was even in the middle of the standings for some time, the team gradually began to improve. Now the hosts are already fifth, so they are in the playoff zone, and in the last ten matches there was only one defeat, and even then from the team that is currently leading the standings. Three basketball players of the Lipscomb club at once show phenomenal accuracy on three-point throws, so if the owners cannot make their way to someone else’s ring, then they compensate for this with long throws. On their site, the team also shows a very attacking game, so that many basketball players are gaining more than twenty points per match, and in the last match, two at once made a “double-double”. Not only does the Lipscomb basketball club already have a deep roster, there are still no injured players among the base players.

The North Alabama Lions basketball club recently had a slump, during which the team suffered four losses, although the opponents were not the strongest. But, the management did not make hasty decisions, giving the coach the opportunity to rectify the situation, and the result came, since at the moment the guests are issuing a series of six victories. This allowed him to regain his fourth place in the standings, and if the basketball club North Alabama Lions won at least two more matches, it may well rise to the second line. In defense, the team did not play more reliably, but the guests improved significantly in terms of attack, as they gain on average 118 points per match. Away, the North Alabama Lions basketball club has slightly lower attacking potential, making it harder to win away. The center will definitely miss this match, and the entrance to the pitch of the light forward is in question.



This season is its debut for basketball club Lipscomb in the top division, but despite the rookie status, the team still manages to show good results, so now the hosts are in the playoff zone, occupying the sixth line in the championship. So far, the Lipscomb basketball players have had a very stable season, because there have rarely been two defeats in a row, and in the last eight games the hosts have won six wins and two defeats. Moreover, in both lost matches, we had to meet with rivals occupying higher places in the standings. There are no star players in the Lipscomb basketball club, and the head coach just managed to build a strong team from good basketball players, which is laid out on the court in every match. And at home, the team suffered only one defeat, because in every home game it is actively supported by fans. The attacking defender misses the game for sure, and may also miss the center.

After the disastrous last season, the management of the North Alabama Lions basketball club not only dismissed the head coach, but also terminated contracts with several players. A new mentor was invited, who immediately attracted new players to the team, and it was on them that he began to build the whole game. The changes were beneficial to the guests, because now the basketball club North Alabama Lions no longer looks like an obvious outsider, and even has a chance to qualify for the playoffs, as it is in ninth place and is not very far behind from eighth. The team recently had a slight slump, which led to a streak of five defeats, but the guests still managed to overcome the crisis, which made it possible to improve the game, and in the last four games there have been three wins and only one defeat. The new mentor relies heavily on defense, so if the team is satisfied with the result, the basketball players of the North Alabama Lions club are very reliably defended and practically do not let their rivals reach their ring. Apart from the disqualification of the light forward, the guests have no personnel losses.


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