Forecast Ming/Chirico vs Kruger/Montgomery (22.09.2022), rates and odds

On 09/22/2022 at 17:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the ITF Championship, in which Min / Chiriko will enter the court, and Kruger / Montgomery will face in this match.


Just a few days ago, Min/Chiriko and Kruger/Montgomery played their matches, and now on 09/22/2022 they will have a face-to-face confrontation within the same tournament. Moscow time, tennis masters will take to the court at 17:00. The opponents did not often play with each other, although they have been playing at the highest level for several years. Previously, there were only two meetings in which Min / Chiriko has two wins, and both wins were only after five sets.


Tennis match Ming / Chirico – Kruger / Montgomery is scheduled by the tournament organizers for 09/22/2022, and world tennis stars should enter the court at 17:00 Moscow time. Fans of this sport were very much looking forward to this match, because the last time Min / Chiriko and Kruger / Montgomery met on the court six years ago, after which they have never been drawn in numerous tournaments. Previously, four personal meetings were played, in which Min / Chiriko has three wins and one defeat.


Min/Chiriko holds this tournament quite confidently, having already overcome three rounds. In the latter there was a victory over a more eminent opponent, but, despite this, it turned out to go further. There were breaks in each set, with Min/Chiriko boasting that not a single serve of his own was lost. Last year at this tournament, everything ended just at this stage, so Min / Chiriko definitely wants to improve his result and go even further. Since Min/Chiriko is already 32 years old, it will only be possible to play at such a high level for a few years, so this tournament is one of the chances to add one more trophy to your small track record. Hard is a profile surface, and even Min / Chiriko is left-handed, with a very inconvenient outgoing serve for the opponents, so there are all the prerequisites for victory. In addition, Min/Chiriko moves well around the court and often runs to the net.

Last season was at a very good level, because it started in the second hundred of the international tennis rating, but in the end it even managed to rise to the 65th line. Fans hope that Krueger/Montgomery will play even better this year, so that successful results will be backed up by winning tournaments. In the first two tournaments, it was not possible to reach the finals, since in the first one there was a knockout in the quarterfinals, and in the second one already at the first stage. But, this was due to a weak form at the beginning of the season, and now Kruger/Montgomery is already showing the best level. There were already three victories in this tournament, and only one set was lost in these fights. All matches this season have taken place on hard, so Krueger/Montgomery already feels the surface well and will try to play as quickly as possible. Krueger/Montgomery has a very strong serve as well as high speed, and one of the main young talents of lawn tennis likes to constantly change the rhythm of the game.

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Ming/Chiriko – Krueger/Montgomery. HOW DID YOU PLAY WITH YOUR ONE?

The difference in class should not prevent rivals from giving out an excellent match on the tennis courts of a well-known tournament. Ming/Chiriko and Krueger/Montgomery will meet each other for the first time. If Min/Chiriko is already used to playing at such stages of major tennis tournaments, where he has considerable experience, then the opponent Kruger/Montgomery is only taking his first steps in adult tennis, so he is not yet sufficiently experienced in such matches. Even taking into account the fact that world tennis experts predict a great future for the athlete, neither the bookmakers nor the experts of our resource see any factors in favor of the victory of a less experienced athlete here. Along with this, we believe that in one of the sets, or even in two, the opponent can impose a fight on his more experienced opponent. Looking at the results that Min / Chiriko showed as a junior, it seems that the athlete is the future of world tennis. Naturally, in order to play on an equal footing and defeat the leaders of the world ranking, in addition to talent, you need to have the proper experience and have an excellent mental attitude. All this will come with time, but for now it is worth starting from the current form, and she says that Min / Chiriko is the favorite of the confrontation. It is possible that the favorite will allow the opponent to prove himself, allowing him to gain invaluable experience of playing at such a level and against such opponents. In this case, the game will be very interesting, first of all, from the point of view that sports fans will be able to watch the first steps of the future star. Predictions from our experts for this match are presented below, all good tennis and winning bets.

At such a high stage of the prestigious tennis tournament, Min / Chiriko is quite deserved, because this season can be considered one of the best in his career. Min/Chiriko is always mobile on the court, and often it is this quality that helps to win. Very serious opponents were passed at this tournament, so there is no doubt that now Min / Chiriko will do everything in order to get into the final. At the moment, Min / Chiriko occupies the thirteenth line in the world tennis ranking, which is the highest achievement, but it is impossible to play against the TOP-10 representatives, since high speed and powerful serve are not yet a guarantee of victory. In addition, Min/Chiriko likes to play on hard surfaces more, and now he will have to act on grass courts, which have not had any achievements in his entire career. However, Min/Chiriko has two more days to prepare, which means a lot.

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This is the second time Krueger/Montgomery has played in this tournament. Last year’s draw was missed due to a shoulder injury, and the year before last, it was possible to reach the semi-finals. So this time around Krueger/Montgomery is looking forward to showing good results again and going as far as possible. After the injury, it turned out to recover very quickly, so if last season started in 27th place in the ranking, it ended already in fifteenth. Krueger/Montgomery is in even better shape this year, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they manage to break into the top 10 tennis masters. Kruger/Montgomery considers hard surface to be his profile, as she likes to play at high speed, using power aggressive tennis. Last season, most of the matches were played on hard, with only three defeats. This season, six fights have been played on hard, and all of them have been won. It is not yet clear how things are going with stamina, but in the last matches we did not have to spend much energy, as we managed to win victories after only two games.

Today match Min/Chiriko — Kruger/Montgomery Forecasts from BC “BaltBet”

Our analysts have repeatedly emphasized that the rating of tennis players is not the most important thing for determining the winner in a particular match. Physical condition, psychological stability, mood and coverage of the tournament are one of the most important criteria that require the most careful study and analysis to determine the favorite of a particular tennis match. They are also the primary factors when looking for interesting bets on a particular tennis confrontation. When predicting a match in which the opponents will be Min/Chiriko and Kruger/Montgomery, the analysts of our portal have tried to take into account all these factors. Moreover, the athletes are well acquainted with each other, as their paths crossed at various tournaments. Min/Chiriko and Krueger/Montgomery have a wealth of performance experience, as they have been showing great results for a number of years, achieving victories and winning titles. The current tournament for them is a great opportunity to demonstrate a high level of preparation and compete for another trophy. It is still too early to talk about the possibility of reaching the final of the tournament or winning titles, as a very strong lineup of athletes has gathered at this tournament. On the other hand, getting a win over a strong athlete and winning the title is a great demonstration of their claims to a higher rating, and Min / Chirico and Kruger / Montgomery will try not to miss this chance. Our forecasts boil down to the fact that the match will be interesting, since it is very difficult to give an unconditional advantage to one of the opponents here.

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Our analysts drew attention to a tennis match between Ming/Chiriko and Krueger/Montgomery due to the fact that the bookmakers offered very tempting odds for the victory of one of the athletes. If you take a look at the rating of the opponents, you can see that they occupy the adjacent lines, but this does not mean that at the moment they are in the same form. Recall that the surface on which this tennis tournament is held is quite specific, not all representatives of tennis feel comfortable on it. Kruger/Montgomery is just one of those athletes who are uncomfortable playing on this type of surface. In fact, Kruger/Montgomery is playing their second or third match on this surface this season. But Min/Chiriko just knows how to perform on this surface. This is confirmed by the high stages and titles of a number of tournaments. Based on this, our analysts offer to bet on Min/Chiriko to win the match, moreover, bookmakers offer prohibitively high odds on this event. We also have an offer for this match for more risky bettors – this is a minus odds for our favorite. In head-to-head meetings, which the opponents held between themselves on a similar type of coverage, Min/Chiriko won without any problems, so we see no reason not to confidently win in this match as well. The same applies to the total number of games, which we recommend playing for less, since Min/Chiriko is unlikely to drag out the match with an opponent for whom the coverage is non-core.

TODAY MATCH Min/Chiriko – Kruger/Montgomery. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

We have repeatedly said that in modern tennis there are more and more bright and interesting matches in which outsiders not only impose a fight on the favorites, but also defeat them. This is due to the fact that modern tennis has become younger. There are more and more talented juniors who already at a young age declare themselves as future top tennis players. The old-timers of tennis, who for a long time held the leading positions in the world rankings, are now very difficult, as young people are full of energy, participate in a large number of tournaments and are not so prone to fatigue and injuries. Of course, young talents still lack experience and skill, but the desire to win more than compensates for all the shortcomings. Therefore, tennis fans are witnessing not only bright matches, but also unexpected results. This state of affairs suits everyone, including bookmakers who, rubbing their hands, earn money on bettors’ bets on favorites. Our analysts have decided to put an end to this. We carefully select matches, analyze them, offering only high-quality predictions, bets on which will bring guaranteed profits to bettors at a distance. With our help, you can not only enjoy interesting tennis, but also win on bets. So don’t miss our next tennis match prediction between Ming/Chiriko and Krueger/Montgomery.

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