Forecast Montgomery / Nahimana – Perez Garcia / Erazo Gonzalez (June 08th), bets and odds

On June 08 at 14:00 Moscow time, a match within the ITF championship will take place, in which Montgomery / Nahimana will enter the court, and Perez Garcia / Erazo Gonzalez will face in this fight.


Since the Montgomery/Nahimana-Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez tennis match will take place on June 08, there is more and more excitement around it every day. There is no doubt that at 14:00 Moscow time there will not be a single empty seat in the stands, and many viewers will take their places near the screens. The only face-to-face meeting took place four years ago, and then she showed that Montgomery / Nahimana at that time is much stronger than Perez Garcia / Erazo Gonzalez.

BETTING OFFERS / BOOKMAKERS FOR THE MATCH Montgomery / Nahimana – Perez Garcia / Erazo Gonzalez:

Next week, the next stage of the Grand Slam tournament will take place, in which Montgomery / Nahimana and Perez Garcia / Erazo Gonzalez meet on June 08. The start of the fight is scheduled for 14:00 Moscow time. Montgomery/Nakhimana is the obvious leader in this confrontation, as there were eight head-to-head meetings earlier, and they managed to win seven times, and in five cases the victories were early.

Montgomery / Nahimana

At the moment, Montgomery/Nakhimana is one of the “dark horses” of this tournament, because this season there was no participation in other competitions of such a high class. Often these were simple Challengers, where there were enough opponents from the third and fourth hundred of the world tennis rating. How Montgomery/Nakhimana will behave in a match with a more serious opponent is not yet clear, because it is unlikely that he will be able to set his own pace and completely control the game, as was the case in all previous fights. In past seasons, stability was not enough for a successful performance, and now Montgomery / Nahimana has so far shown only a good first serve, but so far no skillful defense and first-class technical skills have been noticed. In addition, Montgomery/Nakhimana plays poorly near the net, and also often allows a loss of concentration. This tournament is a home tournament, so there is hope that Montgomery/Nakhimana will prepare more carefully for the duel.

The start of this season could have been just great, because already in the first tournament we managed to reach the semi-finals, but had to abandon the game due to a small injury. Fortunately, the injury was not serious so Alize Cornet is now back in action and hopes to play better in this tournament. Perez Garcia/Eratzo Gonzalez has an unusual style of play, performing a lot of cut short shots during the match, so it is very difficult for opponents to adapt to such a game and act confidently on draws. So far, Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez is experiencing problems with the serve, but it is unlikely to be long, because there is simply no need to put a lot of pressure on the hand, since it was with it that there were small problems that forced them to turn to the doctors. On the hard surface, Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez performs most often, so he has a lot of experience playing on these courts. Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez is currently ranked 38th in the world rankings, but there is an excellent chance to rise even higher.

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Montgomery/Nahimana and Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez are interesting opponents who always try to show not only quality but also beautiful tennis. The public simply loves when rivals take to the court in matches with opponents. However, the head-to-head confrontation of these athletes is an excellent occasion to admire various unthinkable things of modern tennis. Plasticity and excellent feeling of the ball are the main trump cards of the opponents, allowing them to shock opponents with successful hits from absolutely incredible positions. Our experts, predicting this match, paid attention to the coverage on which the tournament is held. They perfectly suit the opponents’ style of play, that is, there will be a place not only for incredible draws, but also for standard combinations that allow athletes to defend points on their own serve. In general, victory in this match will allow you to go to the next round of the tournament, earn rating points and prize money. Given that the opponents do not have the highest rating, they are unlikely to neglect this opportunity. Therefore, the struggle in the match will be serious. We think that the confrontation will turn out to be protracted, and we base our predictions for the match on this. They can be found below. And we recommend not to miss the match itself, as we believe that it will be an amazing spectacle that will not leave indifferent any fan of this sport.

After winning four titles at once in 2016, of which three were just on hard, everyone expected Montgomery / Naheeman’s last season to be at least as good, but it turned out to be rather weak, since there was not a single victory on serious tournament. And there were much fewer matches played, and the results in them were worse, so I had to drop from fifth place in the ranking to 26th place in world tennis. The off-season has been a tough one, so it’s hoped that Montgomery/Nahimana will show a more familiar level of tennis this season and get involved in the fight for prestigious trophies. Moreover, Montgomery/Nakhimana likes to play most of all in the halls on hard surfaces, as this tournament can become a springboard for new successes. Despite his young age, Montgomery/Nakhimana already has a solid track record of professional tennis and can also showcase a considerable arsenal of technical skills.

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Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez are mixed this season as you can see some great attacking action, but as far as the rest of the components, too many mistakes are made. Yes, Perez Garcia/Eratzo Gonzalez has a very strong first serve, and since the match is played on closed hard, this gives an advantage. But, things are not going well with the defense, because Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez does not always feel the backline, plays poorly near the net, and also this season the footwork has worsened, because Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez cannot boast of such a physical shape as before. Of course, Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez has one of the strongest forehands in this tournament, but this advantage can only be effective if the 58th racket of the world adds in terms of stability, and is also able to seize the initiative in the match and force the opponent to play at your own pace. If at first the fight fails to impose your game, then it is unlikely that you will be able to change something later.

Today match Montgomery / Nahimana – Perez Garcia / Erazo Gonzalez Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

The excellent performance of the athletes in the previous rounds of the tournament could not go unnoticed by our experienced analysts. Therefore, as soon as the bookmakers offered a line for the match between Montgomery/Nakhimana and Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez, our portal analysts immediately began to look for interesting bets on this match. Considering the personal meetings of the athletes, we noticed that the struggle between them is always quite tight, none of the rivals has a visible advantage. In addition, Montgomery/Nahimana and Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez play aggressive tennis, trying to finish plays in two or three strokes, which allows them to save energy to protect points on their serve. To make high-quality predictions, our experts try to study as much information as possible regarding the performance of athletes in the tournament. The history of performances of today’s rivals here is quite bright. Both Montgomery/Nahimana and Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez have reached the final rounds of the tournament multiple times. This suggests that the coverage of the tournament allows them to play tennis that is comfortable for them, therefore, it can be assumed that this year the opponents will make every effort to break through the tournament grid as far as possible, which means that the match must there will be wrestling and interesting combinations that will not leave indifferent any fan of this sport.

Judging by the number of finals and titles that Montgomery/Nahimana has to his credit in his career, the question of a favorite in a tennis match between Montgomery/Nahimana and Perez Garcia/Eratzo Gonzalez is no longer a question. Our analysts and bookmaker analysts do not see an opportunity that will allow an outsider to win this match. Perez Garcia / Erazo Gonzalez is not an outsider in principle, judging by the rating, however, Montgomery / Nahimana are superior in all respects to their opponent. The only thing in which there are some doubts is whether the favorite of the match will be able to break the odds declared by the bookmakers. In principle, judging by personal meetings, here the handicap is set correctly. In the lion’s share of matches between tennis players, the handicap either made its way back to back with the favorite, or did not break through. So, our analysts decided not to guess, but simply skip the handicap bet in this match, since it would be wrong to predict bets neither for nor against the handicap. But the total number of games offered by the bookmakers aroused our interest. Based on the current form of the athletes, we concluded that it is unlikely that Perez Garcia / Erazo Gonzalez will be able to win a set against an opponent, so we expect an easy victory for the favorite here. And this means that the bookmakers have overestimated the total number of games by 1-2 games. We decided to take advantage of this and recommend bettors to bet on the total less, especially since Montgomery/Nakhimana feels much more comfortable on this type of coverage than the opponent.


TODAY MATCH Montgomery / Nahimana – Perez Garcia / Erazo Gonzalez. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Quite unusually, he leads athletes at a major tennis tournament who until recently played in less significant tournaments. However, world experts note that tennis is progressing quite quickly, young athletes are trying to demonstrate high-level tennis, which gives them the opportunity to compete with high-ranking tennis players. Moreover, in individual matches, young athletes not only impose a fight on their more eminent and titled rivals, but also defeat them. The results of the current tournament show that Montgomery/Nahimana and Pérez Garcia/Erazo González are now in great shape, during the tournament they had several difficult matches, from which they managed to emerge victorious. And this indicates a willingness to fight here and get into the next round. Our analysts believe that the match between these athletes should be very spectacular, and its result could be unpredictable, as both Montgomery/Nahimana and Perez Garcia/Erazo Gonzalez will make every effort to get into the next round of the tournament, which will allow they will not only seriously declare their intentions in tennis, but will also significantly advance the athletes in the rankings. Therefore, we offer all tennis fans not to miss this bright and, undoubtedly, interesting match, in which our forecasts, which can be found in detail below, can add intrigue.

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