Forecast South Alabama Jaguars (Women) – Georgia State Panthers (Women) (January 29th), bets and odds

On January 29, 2021 at 03:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the WNCAA championship, in which the local club South Alabama Jaguars (women) will take on their national championship opponent Georgia State Panthers (women).

Bookmakers have updated their line, and basketball fans will be interested in the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) – Georgia State Panthers (Women) duel, scheduled for 01/29/2021. Basketball players will appear on the court at 03:00 Moscow time. Since basketball club Georgia State Panthers (wives) won both matches this season, the fans of the hosts hope that their team will try to please with victory at least at home.

BOOKMARKING OFFICES / RATES FOR MATCH South Alabama Jaguars (Women) – Georgia State Panthers (Women):

The South Alabama Jaguars (W) and Georgia State Panthers (W) basketball clubs were set to play last month, but due to the participation of many players in national team matches, the meeting was postponed to 01/29/2021. It will start at 03:00 Moscow time. Since the teams represent one Division, they regularly meet on the basketball court, and this season there have already been three fights in which the hosts of this game looked stronger, having won all three victories.

South Alabama Jaguars (Women)

Basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) are in terrible shape now, losing four games in a row. Such results disappointed everyone, especially the head coach, because in the two fights the opponents were obvious outsiders of this championship. Moreover, in one of the matches, the hosts made as many as 26 losses, which the rival embodied in forty points. One of the reasons for the team’s weak performance is the poor form of the leader, who is gaining an average of twelve points per game this month, up from eighteen last month. Not only is the basketball player in the worst physical condition, but the accuracy of the throws has become weaker. Nevertheless, so far the team has not made any drastic decisions, although it has already dropped to the eighth line and may well leave the playoffs. It’s good at least that the South Alabama Jaguars (wives) are showing good basketball on their field, so the hosts will definitely fight desperately for points in this match.

The Georgia State Panthers (Women) spent over $ 100 million on transfers in the offseason, but most of the newcomers are still struggling to achieve their expected level. Yes, the invitation of a new coach, who is a very experienced specialist, paid off, because the team played better. But, nevertheless, the guests are not in the lead in the tournament, but simply are among the top eight. With the current mentor, the Georgia State Panthers (wives) basketball club played stronger in the attack, as the players began to act more diversely, and absolutely all the basketball players on the court run to the opponent’s ring during the attack. Sometimes this allows the opponent to carry out a successful counterattack, but since the guests demonstrate excellent realization of their own chances, it is easy to block the successful throws of the opposing team at the expense of their own points. Georgia State Panthers Basketball Club (Women) has no staffing problems ahead of this game.

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Until 01/29/2021 inclusively, bookmakers will accept bets on the basketball match South Alabama Jaguars (Women) – Georgia State Panthers (Women). And since the meeting starts at 03:00 Moscow time, you won’t be able to place a bet further. The favorite of this confrontation is too obvious, because the basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (wives) almost constantly wins, since the last defeat was already eight years ago.

Basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) have already made a splash this season by making their way to the playoffs. Progress in comparison with previous years is obvious, because not so long ago the team did not play in the top division at all, but showed modest results, having mediocre basketball players. In general, the hosts spend an even season, in which there were no sharp declines, and it is difficult to single out a leader in the team, because often there are matches in which all twelve announced players score points. The head coach constantly changes the starting lineup, which not only motivates basketball players to give their best on the court, but also gives them time to recover. Basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (wives) plays especially well at home, so fans hope that in this match the hosts will please with a large number of points.

Last month, basketball club Georgia State Panthers (Women) played downright poorly, managing to win only two wins, which lowered the team a little in the standings. But, this month, the guests were still able to get together, so they show a much better game. Basketball club Georgia State Panthers (Women) are reliable defensively and attacking much more powerful, so now it’s hard to believe that the team is not having the most stable season. The improvement in the game was due to the fact that two key basketball players returned to service, on whom all the tactics of the head coach were based. Both basketball players, after returning in each match, gain more than twenty points, which allows the team to win. Yes, there are still several basketball players in the infirmary, but almost all of them are reserve players, with the exception of the attacking defender, but the head coach has someone else to release to this position.

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Basketball fans have finally waited for the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) – Georgia State Panthers (Women) duel, which is to take place on 01/29/2021 as part of a very prestigious tournament. There is no doubt that at 03:00 Moscow time the stands will be full of fans, and many will also watch the live broadcast of the game on TV. Despite the fact that the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) basketball club has already beaten these guests this season, in general the team is not playing the best way with this opponent, having managed to win only three meetings out of the last ten.

This season, basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) is playing very aggressively in the opposing side of the court, and it was skillful offensive actions that often allowed the team to come back, although before that it was losing with a large gap. Having not the strongest line-up in this tournament, the basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (women) already created a real sensation when they managed to qualify for the playoffs, and even go through the first stage, although the opponent was very difficult and more experienced. The hosts themselves have not played at such a high level for a long time, but the basketball players of the South Alabama Jaguars (wives) club, although they do not have experience, still have great talent and most of them regularly score points in every match. In addition, the hosts are distinguished by good teamwork, so they move very quickly from defense to attack. Only the center, who injured his wrist, will not help the team in this game.

Contrary to expectations, basketball club Georgia State Panthers (wives) are now showing good results and the team even managed to get to the first place in their Conference. The guests injured two key basketball players – an attacking defender and a heavy forward, but even without them the team shows good results. Basketball club Georgia State Panthers (Women) won five matches in a row, and in the last one they easily beat the opponent, securing an advantage of more than twenty points. With the current coach, Georgia State Panthers (W) show offensive basketball, regularly hitting over a hundred points per game. Basketball club Georgia State Panthers (wives) is not afraid of away matches, because on the road it performs no worse than at home. Then the team will have to play on an even more complicated calendar, so the head coach needs to think about rotation, because many basketball players have to go to the court in every match.

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TODAY MATCH South Alabama Jaguars (Women) – Georgia State Panthers (Women). FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Earlier, basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (women) was one of the strongest in this tournament, but the golden generation of the team is gone, so now the owners show mediocre results, even making their way to the playoffs not every year. This season, basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (women) can again fly past the top eight, because the hosts are only tenth in the championship, and are already far behind the playoff zone. Yes, the team performs well on its own court, but this is not enough for successful results, since the South Alabama Jaguars (women) basketball players practically do not win away. Now the team really lacks stability, as in the last ten matches there were only three wins, and among seven defeats four were with a crushing score. The management does not seek to strengthen the squad through transfers, and this season the hosts are also experiencing staffing problems, because a heavy striker has been out of action for six months, who has no one to replace.

Three years ago, the Georgia State Panthers (Women) basketball club changed owners, who decided to invest a huge amount of money in the development of the team, so that the head coach signs new basketball players during each transfer window, and the team’s results improve every year. If last season the guests fought to get into the playoffs, now there is no doubt that they will finish there. Basketball Club Georgia State Panthers (Women) are third in the championship, and there is even a chance to move higher in the standings, as the two teams above did not come off very much. On the road, the team plays a little worse than at home, but now the guests are in good shape, because they demonstrate a streak of eight victories, and the last three matches were just away. The leader of the team shows a phenomenal game, gaining double-double in almost every fight. The center may miss the game, but he hasn’t played this season anyway, so the coach has already learned to do without him.


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