Forecast South Carolina Gamecox (Women) – Alabama (Women) (05.01.2021), bets and odds

On January 5, 2021 at 03:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the WNCAA championship, in which the local South Carolina club Gamecox (women) will take on an opponent in the national championship of Alabama (women).

On January 05, 2021, the basketball game South Carolina Gamecox (Women) – Alabama (Women) will take place, which will be broadcast at 03:00 Moscow time. The statistics of this confrontation has over two hundred fights, in which the hosts are the obvious favorite, since they were able to score 156 victories. South Carolina Basketball Club Gamecox (Women) have already won twice this season, and last season there were two wins and one defeat.

South Carolina Gamecox (Women) – Alabama (Women). WHO IS FAVORITE OF THE MATCH?

For the fourth game in a row, the South Carolina Basketball Club Gamecox (Women) has been playing on its own court, and on January 5, 2021, the hosts will have a match against the players of the Alabama Club (Women). Sports channels will broadcast this fight live at 03:00 Moscow time. This season alone, this is the fourth meeting of these teams, and in the previous three, basketball players from the South Carolina Gamecox Club (women) won two victories, and once the players from BC Alabama (women) were stronger.

South Carolina Gamecox (Women)

While basketball club South Carolina Gamecox (Women) has been struggling to return to the playoffs, there are still plenty of matches ahead for the hosts to still have a chance to improve their standings. The team is tenth in the championship, but if the hosts are able to win several victories in a row, they may well rise to the eighth. The team leader continues to show consistent play and regularly score points, but the rest of the South Carolina Gamecox (Women) basketball players are in a completely different form than they did last year. So it’s not surprising that in the last ten matches the hosts were able to win only twice. Moreover, both victories were at home, and the team beat two obvious outsiders. But, if you take the whole game at home this season, then all the same, the hosts do not show the desired result. One defender will not be able to enter the game due to injury.

Before the start of this season, a new coach came to the Alabama (Women) basketball club, who was tasked by the management to build a new team, actively using young players. But, despite the fact that the restructuring of the guests has not yet been completed, they show good results, because they are now in eighth place and have a good chance of making the playoffs. The most important thing is that with a new mentor, the basketball players began to show character, because in the last match at one point the gap reached even nineteen points, but still the BC Alabama (wives) players managed to turn the tide of the meeting and win with a minimum margin. On the road, the team plays with a greater focus on defense, so they score less points, but still, away victories happen quite often. In this match, the coach will not be able to count on the three base basketball players.

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On January 05, 2021, the organizers of the basketball tournament were forced to postpone the South Carolina Gamecox (Women) – Alabama (Women) match, as earlier it could not take place due to the participation of many players in the fights of the national teams. The referee of the match will begin the basketball match at 03:00 Moscow time. Recently the teams played with each other and four quarters did not determine the winner, and in overtime the guests of this meeting were stronger.

After numerous losses on the road, basketball club South Carolina Gamecox (Women) is finally returning to their home court, and the team is playing much better at home. In the last away match of BC South Carolina, Gamecox (women) played just awful, as it turned out with difficulty to score only fifty points, and only two players acted normally in the team, and even then only in one quarter. With the support of the stands, South Carolina Basketball Club Gamecox (Women) always performs better, with an average of over a hundred points per game. But, the owners still need to work on their actions in the attack, as the realization from the three-second zone fails, and also the basketball players of the South Carolina Gamecox club (women) are throwing from behind the arc. There are no serious personnel losses in the home team, because there are players in the infirmary, but this season they do not play a big role in the team’s game.

In the last match, the basketball club Alabama (wives) lost its leader, without whom the team was incapable of effective action. In that match, the guests after the first quarter were in the lead with an advantage of seventeen points, but after the loss of this basketball player they began to run limply around the court, so that in the end they lost, allowing the opponent to overtake themselves by thirty points. In the current match, the injured player is unlikely to be able to play, as he pulled his back muscles, and even a week will not be enough to recover from this injury, and only a few days between matches. Considering the fact that the basketball club Alabama (wives) is already playing worse away than at home, as well as the absence of a key player, it is unlikely that the guests will be able to demonstrate a decent game in this match. All other basketball players of the Alabama club (wives) are in good shape, but without a leader the guests cannot show team action, because the whole game was tied to him.

South Carolina Basketball Club Gamecox (Women), after a long away streak, returns to its home walls, where on January 5, 2021, they will play a match against BC Alabama (Women). The siren, which will notify about the start of the fight, will sound at 03:00 Moscow time. This season, the hosts have already managed to beat this opponent, when three months ago a victory was recorded with an advantage of eighteen points. Last year, BC South Carolina Gamecox (Women) also had no problems in confrontations with this team, having won two victories.

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This season, South Carolina Basketball Club Gamecox (Women) has a very strong squad that can be safely called the best in the last ten years. The hosts have several basketball players who are able to create a real sensation on the court and influence the course of the meeting. So while the South Carolina basketball club Gamecox (Women) has key player injuries, other basketball players take on leadership responsibilities, so the hosts don’t slow down. And now basketball club South Carolina Gamecox (women) has no personnel losses yet, so the team is the strongest squad. Not surprisingly, the hosts had a nine-wins streak and moved up to second in the table, stepping on the leader’s heels. The head coach of the team is constantly changing the tactics of his players’ play, so it is not easy to predict how the basketball club of South Carolina Gamecox (Women) will play in a particular match.

Basketball club Alabama (Women) recently had a slump, during which the team suffered four losses, although the opponents were not the strongest. But the management did not make hasty decisions, giving the coach the opportunity to correct the situation, and the result came, since at the moment the guests are giving out a series of six victories. This allowed him to regain the fourth place in the standings, and if the basketball club Alabama (wives) wins at least two more matches, it may well rise to the second line. In defense, the team did not play more reliably, but the guests improved significantly in terms of attack, as they gain on average 118 points per match. On the road, Alabama (Women) has slightly lower attacking potential, making it harder to win away. The center will definitely miss this match, and the entrance to the pitch of the light forward is in question.

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TODAY MATCH South Carolina Gamecox (Women) – Alabama (Women). FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

For a long time, basketball club South Carolina Gamecox (Women) was in the lead in its Conference, but as soon as the hosts lost two matches in a row, the hosts lost the first line, so now they are already in second place. But, since winning the regular season is unlikely to succeed, the team is not particularly keen to regain first place, because for the basketball club South Carolina Gamecox (women) it is much more important to finish in the playoff zone, and it is better to do this in the top four, because they will be much higher chances of winning the first round. This season, the team is led by a new coach, who has made the game more reliable on the defensive, and this is especially true for home matches, where basketball players do everything possible to prevent the opponent from making a shot on the ring. With the away streak just over, fans of South Carolina Basketball Club Gamecox (Women) still hope that their team can finally win. Moreover, a point guard came out of the infirmary, who controls the entire game of the team.

Recently, the basketball club Alabama (Women) has been experiencing frank defensive problems, which is associated with injuries to two point guard and an attacking defender at once. Because of this, the results of the guests dropped significantly, because in the last five rounds they managed to win only one victory, and four meetings were lost. The team has not yet left the playoff zone, but has dropped from fourth place to seventh, so the head coach needs to take some measures, because otherwise the basketball club may drop out of the top eight. In each match, the guests miss more than a hundred points, and the results are much worse on the road. In the last match, the basketball players of the Alabama (Women) club started well and won the first two quarters, but after the break, the team fell apart, losing by twelve points. Some away players are in poor shape, which makes it difficult for them to play the entire match.


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