Forecast South Georgia Eagles (Women) – South Alabama Jaguars (Women) (23.01.2021), bets and odds

On January 23, 2021 at 02:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the WNCAA championship, in which the local club South Georgia Eagles (women) will take on their national championship opponent South Alabama Jaguars (women).

Despite the fact that the basketball match South Georgia Eagles (Women) – South Alabama Jaguars (Women) is only scheduled for 01/23/2021, bookmakers have already begun to accept bets. A pre-match bet can be placed until 02:00 Moscow time. In recent years, the teams have not played with each other, since their last personal meeting was eight years ago. According to the statistics of this confrontation, the hosts of the current fight have more victories in it.

South Georgia Eagles (Women) – South Alabama Jaguars (Women). WHO FAVORITES THE MATCH?

For the fourth game in a row, the South Georgia Eagles (Women) basketball club has been playing at home, and on January 23, 2021, the hosts will have a match against the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) players. Sports channels will broadcast this fight live at 02:00 Moscow time. This season alone is the fourth meeting of these teams, and in the previous three, basketball players from the South Georgia Eagles (women) won two victories, and once the players of BC South Alabama Jaguars (women) were stronger.

South Georgia Eagles (Women)

In the last round, the winning streak of the South Georgia Eagles (Women) basketball club, which lasted twelve rounds, was interrupted. This did not affect the standings in any way, so the hosts continue to be in second place in the championship. The South Georgia Eagles (W) have a strong game with their own fans, so the team is unlikely to allow a second defeat in a row. The hosts are the best offensive players this season, regularly gaining at least a hundred points per match. The defense of the basketball club South Georgia Eagles (wives) is also reliable, because if the team had a defeat, then only in one case the difference exceeded eight points. One of the key basketball players has been disqualified, and a point guard has been out of action for a long time, so the head coach will have to build his team’s game differently. It’s good at least that the hosts have a sufficient number of players in stock.

A short break in the tournament was beneficial for the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) basketball club, because the team won all three fights after it. But, the guests won two victories in overtime, and in all three meetings the performance was off the charts. Even in victorious bouts, the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) basketball club conceded over 115 points, which indicates weak defensive actions. The reason is obvious, because one of the main defenders is injured, and no one else in the team is able to fully replace this position. So, the guests win due to a good attack, but this also happened due to the fact that all the matches were with the middle peasants of the championship. With the leaders, this may not work, and after all, it is impossible to lose to the team, because even though the basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (wives) is in the playoff zone, it can fly out of there at any time. Apart from the injury of the defender, the guests no longer have personnel losses.

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Match forecast

Basketball fans are eagerly awaiting the South Georgia Eagles (Women) vs. South Alabama Jaguars (Women) scheduled for 1/23/2021. The players of both teams will appear on the court at 02:00 Moscow time. In each meeting of these rivals, the score goes off scale, because the South Georgia Eagles (women) and South Alabama Jaguars (women) prefer an attacking game, throwing the ball very often into the ring. As for the leader in this confrontation, the basketball club South Georgia Eagles (women) has more victories.

After numerous losses on the road, basketball club South Georgia Eagles (wives) is finally returning to their home court, and the team is playing much better at home. In the last away match, BC South Georgia Eagles (wives) played just awful, as it turned out with difficulty to score only fifty points, and only two players acted normally in the team, and even then only in one quarter. With the support of the stands, the South Georgia Eagles (Women) always performs better, with an average of over a hundred points per game. But, the owners still need to work on their actions in the attack, as the realization from the three-second zone brings, and also the basketball players of the South Georgia Eagles (wives) club are throwing from behind the arc. There are no serious personnel losses in the home team, because the players are in the infirmary, but this season they do not play a big role in the team’s game.

Last month, basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) played downright poorly, only scoring two wins, which lowered the team a little in the standings. But, this month, the guests were still able to get together, so they show a much better game. Basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) are reliable defensively and attack much more powerful, so now it is difficult to believe that the team is not having the most stable season. The improvement in the game was due to the fact that two key basketball players returned to service, on whom all the tactics of the head coach were based. Both basketball players, after returning in each match, gain more than twenty points, which allows the team to win. Yes, there are still several basketball players in the infirmary, but almost all of them are reserve players, with the exception of the attacking defender, but the head coach has someone else to release to this position.

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It became known that the basketball meeting South Georgia Eagles (Women) – South Alabama Jaguars (Women) will take place on 01/23/2021, so the players will have enough time to prepare for the match. The basketball players of these teams will appear on the court at 02:00 Moscow time. If we take into account the statistics of previous meetings, then the favorite is obvious, since the hosts of this match have won eight victories in the last ten head-to-head matches, having suffered only two defeats.

This season, the South Georgia Eagles (Women) have a very strong lineup that can be safely called the best in the last ten years. The hosts have several basketball players who are able to create a real sensation on the court and influence the course of the meeting. So while the South Georgia Eagles (Women) have injuries to key players, other basketball players take on leadership responsibilities, so the hosts don’t slow down. And now basketball club South Georgia Eagles (wives) still have no personnel losses, so the team is the strongest squad. Not surprisingly, the hosts had a nine-win streak and moved up to second in the table, stepping on the leader’s heels. The head coach of the team is constantly changing the tactics of his players’ play, so it is not easy to predict how the South Georgia Eagles (Women) basketball club will play in a particular match.

Last week, basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (Women) still managed to overcome a streak of failures and win a much-needed victory that lifted the team to ninth place and brought it significantly closer to the playoff zone. Until the last match, the guests had a series of four defeats, and the basketball players of the South Alabama Jaguars (women) club also started the last game not in the best way, because in the first quarter they allowed the opponent to score almost forty points. In the second quarter, the guests also played poorly, but after a long break, a completely different team entered the court, which managed to eliminate a huge gap, and still win with a margin of six points. If the basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (women) continues to play as in the second half of the last match, then the guests will definitely be able to break into the strongest and the season will not end at the end of the regular season. At the moment, the team has no personnel losses, as minor damage to those players who rarely appeared this season.

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TODAY MATCH South Georgia Eagles (Women) – South Alabama Jaguars (Women). FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Earlier, basketball club South Georgia Eagles (wives) was one of the strongest in this tournament, but the golden generation of the team is gone, so now the owners show mediocre results, not even making their way to the playoffs every year. This season, the South Georgia Eagles (Women) basketball club may again fly past the top eight, because the hosts are only tenth in the championship, and are already far behind the playoff zone. Yes, the team performs well on its own court, but this is not enough for successful results, since the South Georgia Eagles (women) basketball players practically do not win away. Now the team really lacks stability, since in the last ten matches there were only three wins, and among seven defeats, four were with a crushing score. The management does not seek to strengthen the squad through transfers, and this season the hosts are also experiencing staffing problems, because a heavy striker has been out of action for six months, who has no one to replace.

Recently, basketball club South Alabama Jaguars (wives) has been experiencing open defensive problems, which is associated with injuries to two point guard and an attacking defender at once. Because of this, the results of the guests fell significantly, because in the last five rounds they managed to win only one victory, and four meetings were lost. The team has not yet left the playoff zone, but has already dropped from fourth place to seventh, so the head coach needs to take some measures, because otherwise the basketball club may drop out of the top eight. In each match, the guests miss more than a hundred points, and the results are much worse on the road. In the last match, the South Alabama Jaguars (Women) had a good start and won the first two quarters, but after the break the team collapsed, losing twelve points behind. Some away players are in poor shape, which makes it difficult for them to play the entire match.


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