Forecast Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery (27.01.2021), odds and odds

On January 27, 2021 at 22:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the ITF Championship, in which Tara Moore will enter the court, and Robin Montgomery will oppose in this fight.


At 22:00 Moscow time, tennis fans will be closely watching how Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will face off on the court. Those who want to watch the game that will take place on 01/27/2021 live can still buy tickets, since there are still free seats in the stands. Between the world’s leading rackets in history, there were only four meetings, and in them there were two victories for each opponent.


The prestigious tennis tournament starts next week, and on January 27, 2021, it will open against Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery. For those who want to get to the opening match, it is better to come to the stands before 22:00 Moscow time, that is, before the start of the game. Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery know each other very well, because the history of the confrontation has already twelve matches, in which Robin Montgomery can be proud of seven victories, but Tara Moore has only five won meetings.

Tara Moore

The first matches of this season showed that Tara Moore is in great shape, so she can go very far. In addition, there will be no problems with motivation, since the tournament is home, which means that in every match there is strong public support. In previous matches, the majority believed that Tara Moore was an outsider, but still they ended in victories that guaranteed a pass to the next stage. Tara Moore is excellent at playing on the back line and defending at the net, although the attacking style is more often used. Tara Moore has a strong serve from both hands, and also knows how to correctly use not only the forehand, but also the backhand. Matches on this court surface are not particularly difficult, since Tara Moore can play well anywhere, changing her style depending on the situation.

On the adult tour, Robin Montgomery will only have a second full season, so no one expects great things yet. Yes, among juniors it even turned out to be in third place in the ranking, but professional tennis is a completely different level, so you still need to gain experience for a good performance. Last season, they managed to break into the main draw of all Grand Slam tournaments, which is already a good achievement for debutants. This season, Robin Montgomery is also only going through the qualifying stages, but it is impossible to go further, since there is already a completely different level of players. Robin Montgomery prefers power tennis, but he is suitable only in the case of weak or equal opponents, and it is very difficult to pass the representatives of the first hundred of the world ranking on one strength. Moreover, Robin Montgomery still has problems with reception, does not always close the back line, and also plays mainly only on clay courts.

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The difference in class should not prevent the rivals from delivering an excellent match on the tennis courts of a famous tournament. Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will meet for the first time. If Tara Moore is already accustomed to playing at such stages of major tennis tournaments, where she has considerable experience, then her opponent, Robin Montgomery, is still only taking his first steps in adult tennis, therefore he is not yet experienced enough in such matches. Even taking into account the fact that world tennis experts predict a great future for the athlete, neither the bookmakers nor the experts of our resource see here any factors in favor of the victory of a less experienced athlete. Along with this, we believe that in one of the sets, or even in two, the opponent can impose a fight on his more experienced opponent. Looking at the results that Tara Moore showed as a junior, it seems that the athlete is the future of world tennis. Naturally, in order to play on equal terms and defeat the leaders of the world rankings, in addition to talent, you need to have the proper experience and have an excellent mental attitude. All this will come with time, but for now it is worth starting from the current form, and she says that Tara Moore is the favorite of the confrontation. It is possible that the favorite will allow the opponent to prove himself, allowing him to gain invaluable experience of performances at this level and against such rivals. In this case, the game will be very interesting, first of all, from the point of view that sports fans will be able to watch the first steps of the future star. The predictions from our experts for this match are presented below, all good tennis and winning bets.

At the moment, Tara Moore is in the 39th place in the world tennis rating, because at the end of last season she managed to climb more than forty lines. This season, Tara Moore again plays most of her fights on hard surface, as it is not yet possible to demonstrate such good results on other courts. The beginning of this season has not yet been set, since in the first two tournaments there was a knockout in the early stages, and at the prestigious last tournament there was a weak result, since the knockout was already at the 1/32 stage, and did not win at least one set. Tara Moore cannot boast of stability, which is why in her entire career she never managed to climb into the twenty strongest rackets in the world. With a good serve, Tara Moore does not always act confidently on the reception, and on the back line, when exchanging punches, there are sometimes gross mistakes.

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In this tournament, Robin Montgomery has been playing since qualifying, but in the first three matches there was not particularly strong resistance, so he did not have to spend a lot of energy to win. This allowed us to gain a good move, so that in the last fight we even managed to beat a more eminent opponent who was not in the best condition. Now it is difficult to say whether Robin Montgomery has any weak points, because the 149th racket of the world looks stable in all moments of the game. Robin Montgomery confidently introduces the ball into the game with a strong serve, and can exchange blows not only on the back line, but also anywhere on the court, even near the net. There are also no problems with speed, because Robin Montgomery works a lot with his feet and constantly moves on the court, choosing the best place to receive the ball. There have not yet been protracted fights where it is necessary to spend several hours on the court, so it is not yet clear how Robin Montgomery will be able to play in an endurance match. But, since Robin Montgomery does not even have twenty years, it is unlikely that there will be problems in this regard.

Today the match Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

A prestigious tennis tournament is always a lot of interesting matches in which opponents of different levels meet. Among the large number of matches, our analysts chose to predict the confrontation in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will meet. Despite the fact that the athletes occupy different lines of the rating, in fact, in this tournament, they have equal chances of passing to the next round. The fact is that the tournament coverage perfectly matches the playing style of a tennis player who occupies a position in the rating, much lower than his opponent. But a tennis player who is higher in the rating does not have enough experience in playing on this surface. This is confirmed by the personal meetings of tennis players. Of course, the advantage in them is on the side of a more titled opponent, but several meetings that took place just on this type of coverage clearly show that this coverage is not a profile for him, and here the less titled opponent prevailed. In general, despite the fact that the line of bookmakers has already bent somewhat towards our forecast, we still believe that the outsider of the bookmakers in this match has excellent chances not only to impose the fight on his more famous and titled opponent, but also to win. The rest of our analysts’ forecasts for this match can be found below.

We drew attention to the tennis match in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will meet, as it promises to be an excellent spectacular confrontation, given the peculiarity of the coverage on which the tournament is held. Athletes who will take part in the match feel great on this type of coverage. This is evidenced by the results of their performances, both in the current season and in previous years. In addition, Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery have already met each other at this tournament several years ago. The result of that match still shocks tennis fans, since the opposition itself lasted several days, repeatedly interrupted by rainfall. Bookmakers, according to our analysts, correctly set the odds for this match. However, looking at the total total games offered in the line, we think that it would be a mistake not to play it for more, especially since tennis players will obviously try to put a lot of effort into protecting their own serves. Considering that playing at the reception is not the strongest side of the athletes, we are expecting a number of tight sets here, in which, most likely, to determine the winner, tennis players will have to play tie-breaks, that is, in football terms, shoot a penalty. Many bookmakers offer another interesting bet: the first set is equal to the second. Again, the features of the coverage, and the personal meeting between the athletes speaks in favor of this rate. We hope that the tennis players have not lost their skills on the eve of the match and the audience will even witness a protracted confrontation.

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We have repeatedly said that in modern tennis there are more and more bright and interesting matches in which outsiders not only impose a fight on the favorites, but also win them. This is due to the fact that modern tennis has become younger. More and more talented juniors are appearing, who already at a young age declare themselves as future top tennis players. The old-timers of tennis, who for a long time held the leading positions in the world rankings, are now very difficult, since the youth are full of strength, participate in a large number of tournaments and are not so prone to fatigue and injury. Of course, young talents still lack experience and skill, but the desire to win more than compensates for all the shortcomings. Therefore, tennis fans are witnessing not only outstanding matches, but also unexpected results. This state of affairs suits everyone, including the bookmakers, who rub their hands and earn money on the bets’ bets on favorites. Our analysts decided to put an end to this. We carefully select matches, analyze them, offering only high-quality predictions, bets on which at a distance will bring bettors a guaranteed profit. With our help, you can not only enjoy interesting tennis, but also win on bets. Therefore, do not miss our next tennis match prediction, in which Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery will be rivals.


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