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[EpochTimesNewsonJanuary92021](Reported by The Epoch Times Hong Kong News Center) Hu Zhiwei, chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party and former legislator, was revoked for failing to hand in his BNO passport and his bail was revoked; in August of the previous year, he assaulted the “circle reporter” during the return period. Three of Fu Guohao’s people were sentenced, and the judge vomited bitterness in the court; Xu Qinxian, the commander of the “June 4th” disobedience army, died and was sentenced for refusing to suppress the people; Trump gave a speech, “Our incredible journey has just begun”; the United States Federal Representative Mo Brooks said that the congressional police had received intelligence before the conflict; the epidemic in the mainland was heating up, and Nangong City, Hebei Province offered a reward of 500 yuan for reporting untested persons.

Hu Zhiwei was revoked bail for failing to hand over BNO

Fifty-three pro-democracy organizations and participants in the primary election were arrested on January 6. Most of them were released on bail, but Hu Zhiwei, a former Democratic legislator, was remanded in custody for breaching bail conditions.

Hu Zhiwei was charged with “unapproved assembly” and other charges for the 7.1 parade earlier and had to surrender all his travel documents. He surrendered his SAR passport and home visit permit on the same day. After Hu Zhiwei was arrested on suspicion of violating the “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law”, he initially told the police that he had handed over all his travel documents, and then he mentioned that he still had a BNO at home.

On January 8, Hu Zhiwei appeared in West Kowloon Magistracy. Chief Magistrate Rod Quan believed that Hu Zhiwei had violated the bail conditions, contempt the court, and increased the risk of absconding. He decided to revoke his bail and remanded him for trial on the 8th of next month.

Trio attacked “reporter at the time of the ring” and sentenced the judge to vomit bitterness

Fu Guohao, a self-proclaimed reporter of the Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, took a close-up photo of the people at the “Police Returning Eyes” rally at the airport in August last year, and was besieged, tied up, and beaten by the protesters. On January 8, the three persons involved in the assault on Fu Guohao were convicted of rioting and causing bodily harm as a result of assault. The sentences ranged from four years and three months to five and a half years.

Judge Li Qingnian spat bitterly in court. After listening to the defense’s plea, he said that the judge of the Court of Appeal often criticized the trial judge for lenient sentences, saying that the trial judge was “to the point of no more wrong.” Li Guan said: “If I accept the defense’s statement, I will be really wrong, and there are politicians who have proposed judicial reform all day long.”

Li Qingnian also criticized the defendant, no matter how lofty the concept, once the use of violence is involved, the reasoning will become false. I wonder if everyone agrees with his views?

According to a report by Radio Free Asia, Fu Guohao’s family lived in the dormitory of the Fourth Bureau of the Ministry of National Security in Beijing, and was found to be holding a different-named document. He was suspected to be a national security officer and came to Hong Kong to perform special tasks.

“June 4” general Xu Qinxian dies

Xu Qinxian, commander of the 38th Army, who refused to suppress students during the June 4th Movement in 1989, died on January 8 at the age of 85. According to a report by Radio Hong Kong, Xu Qin was first admitted to a hospital in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, and died while eating breakfast on the 8th.

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Xu Qinxian was sentenced to 5 years in prison for refusing to massacre the citizens. He refused to plead guilty in the military court and did not shirk responsibility. According to rumors, he said in the court: “It is not a historical hero, or a historical criminal!” After his release from prison, Xu Qinxian was under constant surveillance again.

Liu Jianguo, who once served as Xu Qinxian’s driver, fled to the United States in recent years. He revealed that after Xu Qinxian’s disobedience, the leadership of the 38th Army feared being held accountable, so the 38th Army’s suppression of citizens was particularly fierce.

Trump: Our incredible journey has just begun

During the election and certification of the U.S. Congress on the afternoon of January 6, a crowd of protesters entered the Congress and clashes broke out. Five people have been killed.

After being banned by Twitter for 12 hours, US President Trump made a video speech on Twitter on the evening of the 7th, condemning violence and destruction, and stressing that the United States must always be a country under the rule of law, and those who violate the law will pay the price.

He called on the people to restore calm and continue the unfinished cause of the United States. His campaign team will continue to vigorously seek various legal channels, raise objections to the election results, and ensure the integrity of the election.

He also stated that he will ensure a smooth, orderly and smooth transition of power, emphasizing that “this is a time for Healing and Reconciliation.”

At the end of his speech, Trump said to his supporters, “I know you are disappointed, but I also want you to know that our incredible journey has just begun!”

YouTube will ban videos claiming election fraud

Trump’s account was unblocked after being blocked by Twitter for 12 hours on January 7, but Facebook announced that it would block Trump until the inauguration day of the president, or even longer.

YouTube announced that it will suspend all channels that publish so-called “false, widespread election fraud allegations” videos, instead of just giving them a warning like the previous policy.

Barrister Lin Wood’s account was permanently deleted by Twitter. Before being deleted by Twitter, Linwood criticized Vice President Pence and others who certified the election results on Twitter, and called on American patriots not to seek violence, but must be prepared to defend themselves and their families.

Twitter claimed that the reason for deleting the account was Linwood “violating the rules,” but did not provide details. Linwood moved to the social platform Parler, which vowed not to conduct “political censorship” of speech, to continue speaking.

Regarding the blocking of Trump’s account on social networking sites, Mexican President López Obrador spoke out, condemning social networking sites for depriving anyone of the right to speak.

Rep. Mo Brooks: Congressional police have received intelligence before the conflict

As of the evening of January 7, Eastern time, five people have died in the conflict in the US Congress. The new deceased was Congressman Brian Sicknick. The Congressional Police Department stated that he died of his injuries at 9:30 p.m. on January 7. Capitol Police Chief Steven. Steven Sund announced his resignation, which will take effect on January 16.

Republican Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama stated that he had been warned the day before the conflict, on January 5, that Antifa people would create chaos among Trump supporters, and that the Congressional police Also received relevant information.

Brooks posted four consecutive tweets on Twitter saying:
1. I received a warning from a congressman on Monday (January 4) that Antifa threats were increasing and advised me not to leave the parliament building. I took the advice and slept in the office for four consecutive nights.

2. The congressman told me that he received a warning from the congressional police on Tuesday (5th) that there was intelligence that the fascist organization Antifa would dress up as a Trump supporter and get involved in the rally.

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3. The Capitol Police suggested on Tuesday (5th) that it is best not to leave the Capitol.

4. A large amount of public evidence shows that many of the people who attacked the Capitol were members of Antifa, not Trump supporters.

At present, the major media have not ascertained the truth of the incident and still awaiting investigation, calling Trump supporters “thugs.”

Brooks does not deny that some Trump supporters have entered Congress, but he emphasized that there is increasing evidence that Antifa is inciting violence in it. He wrote: “Time will reveal the truth. Don’t rush to judge. Don’t be fooled by fake media. They report under the drive of political inclination.” “My point is: Full prosecution of everyone (participating)!”

In another post, Brooks also reminded the public to continue to pay attention to election fairness. He said: “In past history, if citizens of a republic lost confidence in the election process and were unable to determine the fate of the country through elections, they would have to choose one of three bad options under pressure from the ruler: One is fleeing (immigrants); the second is submission; the third is violent resistance.”

Congressional challenge to swing state election interrupted by Hong Kong residents in the United States: Congressional intrusion case is weird

At around 1 p.m. on the 6th, members of Congress challenged the results of the swing state election. When the votes went to Arizona, Senator Ted Cruz and a member of the House of Representatives jointly challenged the Arizona election results. Later, when members of the two houses each returned to the chamber to discuss whether to accept the challenge, they were interrupted by the crowd who broke into the Congress.

At 8 o’clock that night, members of Congress restarted the certification process, and the focus was no longer on election fraud, but rather a statement on the afternoon shock action. Many Republican lawmakers who were prepared to challenge the election results gave up after restarting the meeting.

Ken, a Hong Kong native who participated in the rally that day, told The Epoch Times that he expected to see Trump hand over a large amount of evidence to the joint meeting of the two houses of Congress on that day, but he was affected by the incident of breaking into Congress and blurred the focus. He believes that someone deliberately incited the patriots to break into Congress, “the purpose is to prevent the evidence from being exposed.”

Ken recalled that after 12 noon, the marchers went to Capitol Hill and chanted slogans peacefully. On the way of the parade, he saw people wearing “black life and expensive” clothes, in groups of three or four, playing with their mobile phones with their heads down and in Congress. He also saw people in strange costumes similar to Antifa. During the assembly in front of the Congress, he heard someone shouting: It is our house, go inside, but he described the people at the assembly as being “law-abiding” and ignored them.

An online video also showed that someone smashed the windows of Congress with a baton. The former congressmen shouted: “Don’t break the window!” A Trump supporter wearing a red “Magic America Again” (MAGA) hat snatched the baton , Push the person who smashed the window away.

U.S. media exposes Antifa as Trump supporter

KUTV 2 in Utah broadcasted an investigative report on the evening of the 7th. It interviewed John Sullivan, who broke into Congress on the 6th. He witnessed the shooting and killing of a woman by Congress police.

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Sullivan is not a Trump supporter. On the contrary, he is the founder of the Utah left-wing organization “Insurgence USA”. He was arrested for participating in the “Hei Minggui” riot and held a rally with Utah in June last year. Related to the shooting. There is news on social networking sites that Sullivan was arrested by Washington police on the evening of the 7th, and the news has not been confirmed.

Sullivan argued that he entered Congress only to report on the spot. The American conservative television station OANN reported that the ultra-leftist Sullivan appeared at the scene of the conflict, indicating that the violence in Congress may be instigated by Antifa.

The New York Post’s report on January 7 quoted news from law enforcement that at least two members of Antifa were found in the congressional conflict. The “Washington Times” report also cited a retired military officer, saying that the other two people involved in the attack on Congress were members of Philadelphia’s Antifa.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a statement on January 7 to collect information from the public about the protesters who stormed the Capitol on January 6. Washington police also released photos of some suspects, calling on the public to help identify them.

The global epidemic heats up, Hebei offers a reward of 500 yuan

Let’s look at the CCP virus epidemic. On January 8, 45 new confirmed cases were confirmed in Hong Kong, 42 of which were local cases, of which 22 were of unknown origin, indicating that there is still a lot of invisible transmission.

The CCP virus epidemic continues to spread around the world. The number of deaths in a single day in the United States exceeded 4,000 for the first time. Bhutan in the Himalayas also reported its first death.

Recently, there have been multiple variants of the Chinese Communist Party virus, which have a stronger transmission ability. It is worrying that the virus mutation will reduce the effectiveness of existing vaccines and treatment methods. However, there is good news recently. Studies have found that Pfizer vaccine is effective against two variant viruses. The researchers said that the future will continue to monitor changes in the virus to ensure the protection of the vaccine.

Chinese New Year is approaching, and many provinces and cities on the mainland have proposed that during the New Year, “not return home if necessary”, and celebrate the new year on the spot.

Beijing’s epidemic control is particularly strict. The second generation of the Red Army in the Beijing military compound told The Epoch Times that although there were no confirmed cases in her military compound, access was strictly restricted. The worker aunt hired by her family applied for a visit to the hometown last month because her relatives were sick, but she has not yet been approved.

The Hebei Province surrounding Beijing was severely affected, and the province entered a wartime state. Nangong City announced the closure of the city. On January 8, the authorities of Nangong City issued a notice to encourage people to report people who had not undergone nucleic acid testing, and offered a reward of 500 yuan, which caused heated discussions among netizens. Some netizens believe that epidemic prevention is a priority, “I want to report even if I don’t pay.” However, many netizens are disgusted with the authorities’ encouragement to report, believing that this is “people fighting against the people”. The epidemic has made people emotionally fragile, and inciting reports is more like a resumption of the Cultural Revolution.

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