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Almost a century has passed since the beginning of this story. In the distant 30s of the XX century, a real drama unfolded in a small Ural village. In the eyes of the villagers, relationships were built and the feelings of a love triangle were tested. But the war made unforeseen adjustments to the fate of his “corners” …

The first figure. Lyrical

It so happened that two pullets “dried up” with their hearts to one good fellow. Maybe because, as you know, “for ten girls, according to statistics, nine guys.” And perhaps the guy Aleksey was already very good: a tall, stately handsome man, a fashionista (invariably in a loose linen shirt with a stand-up collar), a merry fellow and a joker – in a word, as they said then, the first guy in the village.

One little girl – Love – had an ordinary appearance: small, inconspicuous, and the sun also loved her – all in konopushki and with red pigtails. In the village, everyone called her Rudka (from the word “Rudaya” – red).

The second – Ulyana – was completely different: a black-browed brown-eyed beauty with a shock of dark blond hair. Plus, from a wealthy family.

But, as they say, do not be born beautiful (and even more so rich) … Lesha’s “fiery motor” was cute, a nondescript redhead. Probably, she conquered the local enviable groom with her kindness and cordiality. Although they love something not for, but in spite of. And in general (let me rephrase a well-known expression) Cupid’s ways are inscrutable. Therefore, on dark evenings outside the outskirts – farther from prying eyes – a couple, seemingly inappropriate, whispered and hugged and kissed. And at this time, the prosperous beauty was grieving and, apparently, shed more than one tear …

It is not known how long the idyll in the relationship between Lyuba and Lesha would have lasted, but only the father gave the order – to marry! And he chose Ulyana as a bride: they say, the gol themselves, so it is necessary to improve the unenviable financial situation. If luck is in your hands, why not use it.
In those days, it was not customary to argue with parents. An obedient son went to his beloved. Forgive, he says, try to forget and don’t hold me back. The “redhead”, of course, was upset and saddened, but, restraining the overwhelming emotions, she said (as if she had a presentiment and foresight): “When you get smarter and come out of your father’s will, come to me. I will wait for you all my life. ”This is how the first lurch in the fates of the heroes of this story took place.

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The second figure. Separated

So, I walked the village at the wedding of Alexei and Ulyana. Young people began to live, but all without children. Lyuba, on the other hand, did not even think about marriage: she kept the word given to her beloved. And suddenly a sharp turn in the life of an entire country – a war! The object of attraction of the two villagers, like all young people (and those who could hold weapons in their hands), went to the front to defend their native land from the hated enemy.
After some time, his wife received a funeral: her husband died in battle a heroic death. And since all the news in the village spreads at the speed of light, literally immediately Rudka learned about the death of a friend of the heart. What happened to her! I could not find a place for myself, tore my hair, I almost lost my mind! But there is nothing you can do – alas, the dead are not raised, but life goes on.
The “sunny darling” decided to leave the village. The girl moved to an empty farm, where just a lonely hut stood. It was in it that Lyuba settled, began to live, mourning the good fellow who had passed away so early.

And Ulyana, a beauty and a rich woman, did not think for a long time to grieve and yearn: she jumped out for the second time to marry the collective farm chairman (he did not go to war on armor). Moreover, she gave birth to a baby.

Figure three. Unexpected

One day, two figures appeared at the edge of the village – a male and a female. The locals took a closer look: this is Lech! And he did not die at all, but remained a cripple – up to his shoulders without arms. Here is his nurse to the house and accompanied. They approached the hut, and Ulyana comes out with a new family to meet him.
There is little physical tragedy, there is also a moral one (by the way, no one knows how Ulyana would react if she knew that her husband would return alive, but without hands!). So. We went in, drank (as best they could), had a snack. “What to do? Do not destroy the same family, where the child is already present! ” – so Alexey reasoned. The young man thrust himself into the parental home: the mother and father had died by that time, the brother and his family remained in the hut. A disabled person lived with them for a week or two, but realized that it was a burden for everyone. Alas, there was no way to die. “Okay, maybe some animal will bite …” – thought the former girl’s favorite and, leaving the Ural village, went to the forest thicket. He walked, walked and by chance (although, I must say, only stupid people can pronounce this word) came across that same abandoned farm and hut, standing alone on the outskirts. I think everyone guessed that this was the haven of Lyubov, who believed that the guy she loved so much could not die.

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In a word, the truth has been confirmed – marriages are made in heaven. Yes, those reunited who, through stupidity (or for subjective reasons), once became on their own. Fortunately, Lyuba’s promise was not just words: feelings were deeply rooted in my soul! So the family from God became an official unit. Moreover, out of two of its members there are now four.

Figure four. Grounded

Life went on as usual. Suddenly a fire broke out in the village. Ulyana’s house was also damaged. All managed to jump out. However, the husband for some reason rushed to the burning hut: either for belongings, or for a stash. Greed led to tragedy: killed him with a burning beam!

“Where to rush?” Was the only question. The poor rich beauty decided that her father would not leave. Of course, he would not give up, but, apparently, wealth is not given so easily – impurity is involved here. So my father, who worked as a warehouse manager on a collective farm, got caught stealing and went to jail. Now what? Believe it or not: she went to Lyuba with Alexei.

If you, dear readers, have closely followed the story, you should have noticed that Love was very kind and compassionate. Therefore, there is no doubt that they accepted both Ulyana and her child, innocent of anything. And the lonely hut became even closer and more friendly.

Figure five. The final

Alexey, who received a bunch of wounds, did not become a long-liver. When it became easier, Ulyana returned to the collective farm, got a house. She mastered the household and took Lyuba and her children to her good hut.

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The children grew up and left. The former rivals were left alone, met their retirement together, supported each other in a friendly way (forgive me a funny and inapplicable word to life, except for this exception, only confirming the rule) each other.

Then Ulyana went to the forefathers. Lyuba did not stay too long after her on mortal earth. The one and the other “lay down” on both sides of Alexei. Probably, such were the fate and the will of the higher powers that know and decide who to connect with whom.

It so happened that one of the children of this mysterious triangle was doing military service in Bobruisk, and he stayed here forever. The story reached me – acquaintances of the Bobruisk relative, either Lyuba or Ulyana, asked about the details of true love.

From the author. Let there be a feeling in the future that can forgive and wait !!! After all, this is the best thing that exists in our world.

Olga Khotko.

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