Formula 1 | Andretti has already signed a technical director for his eventual entry into F1

While Michael Andretti has joined forces with General Motors to try to arrive in Formula 1, which was made official on Thursday, he claims to have already hired a technical director.

Despite the reluctance of some teams to welcome a new structure in the world championship, the FIA ​​announced at the very beginning of the year that it was studying the possibility of making this possible.

And that’s how Andretti Global today announced its partnership with GM to try to run an F1 team under the name Cadillac Racing.

“One of the most important questions was, ‘What does Andretti bring to the party?’ Well we’re bringing with us one of the biggest manufacturers in the world along with GM and Cadillac,” said Michael Andretti.

“So that was the only box that we didn’t tick and that we have now ticked. Andretti will be a huge support for Formula 1 and it’s hard for anyone to argue with that.”

Andretti said the project will be based at Andretti Global’s new headquarters in Fishers, Indiana (pictured), supported by satellite facilities, including one in the UK, similar to what Haas F1 does.

He also added that the hiring process for the F1 team has already started, including the signing of a technical director whose name has not yet been revealed.

“We’ve done a lot of hiring, we already have a few people working for us and we’ve hired the main engineers.”

“So yes, we are very advanced on all of this. We have already hired our technical director and we will announce that in due course as well.”

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