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Ensenada, Baja California.- Baja California will receive 24 sports disciplines as the venue for the Conade Nationals starting on the first day of June.

Product of a couple of years of crisis, after the direction of David González between 2019 and 2021, it is likely that there will not even be representation in some of the sports that will arrive in the state.

“We have found difficulties even to complete teams in some disciplines”, admitted Lourdes Cañez Martínez.

The current director of INDE, faced with this scenario, admitted that it is impossible for her to make a forecast regarding the medals budgeted by the Baja California delegation.

“I cannot be so optimistic to promise that the (historical) record will be broken or the number of medals from last year will be exceeded. It would be irresponsible to even dare to think about it. That is not my goal right now. My goal is to complete what we should have in all disciplines with all categories”, he prioritized.

“But we are optimistic in the disciplines that have worked,” he said.

The crisis in INDE is not limited to the field of sports. The facilities throughout the entity, some as the headquarters of the Conade Nationals as of May 30, show an evident deterioration over the years.

“There are spaces, such as aquatic complexes, that have many shortcomings and that is what we have invested the most in, with the support of the governor (Marina del Pilar Ávila). There are a lot of perforated ceilings, (for example) in the (weightlifting center at) kilometer 43”.

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In that sense, he calculated that, according to his analysis, there are five years with this type of deficiency.

“And right now everything is thundering: pipes, walls with peeling paint, trucks that are useless…”.

However, he trusted that for the celebration of the competition endorsed by the National Sports Commission (CONADE), the spaces will already be renovated as far as possible.

“The image is going to change in these weeks,” he assured.

And whose responsibility?

Although the management of David González was disinterested in supporting the bulk of the disciplines to dedicate their efforts to baseball, Lourdes Cañez considered that it is not within her powers to judge what was done by her predecessor.

In particular, with the collapse of most of the sports venues while the Ángel Camarena baseball field in Tijuana received around 60 million pesos for its rehabilitation.

“I think positive and how good that users of those spaces benefited. More than criticizing, it is turning to see who is benefited. I want to see it like this, positive.

“(Upon assuming the leadership) we had to report the conditions, what is missing and what is there, and there are investigative bodies that monitor this situation and see if there are irregularities. After that transition period I have focused on our ambitious project”, he explained.

Six years not enough

“One of the main problems in Mexico is breaking a work rhythm, a scheme, breaking a system. A total change is not achieved in six years, steps are taken and bases are established. What we intend is to take the best of what has been done and make changes to enrich (the project) ”, he added.

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The Conade Nationals will have Baja California as the main venue with sub-headquarters in Sonora, Sinaloa and Jalisco.

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