Franco Parisi prepares his return to Chile after the uprising of national roots

From the People’s Party they have already announced that they will seek for Parisi to have a leading role in the Constitutional Council. In addition, they will promote a new presidential race for the economist.

After more than two years in the United States, the leader of the People’s Party (PDG), Franco Parisi, prepares his return to Chile after the Third Family Court withdraw the national ties that weighed against him for non-payment of alimony to his children.

As reported by Radio Biobío, former presidential candidate recognized a debt of $166 millions for unpaid support and promised to pay said amount, for which the court agreed to lift the arraigo.

The eventual arrival of the youngest of the Parisi brothers occurs before the appointment of experts for the constituent process and the election of constitutional advisers.

In his party they already warned that will promote presidential Parisi as a leading figure in the institution that drafted the new constitutiondespite the fact that he has repeatedly spoken out against the Agreement for Chile and the new constituent process.

In addition, the deputy Rubén Oyarzo (PDG) warned that they will look for Parisi to be the party’s presidential candidate in the next elections of 2025.

According to information from ThirdParisi is already managing the renewal of his passport in Alabama, United States, where he lives, and his return to Chile It could take place in the second half of January.

Consulted by the mentioned medium, Mauricio Pavez, Parisi’s lawyer, assured that the economist “is going to come to see family issues and naturally he is going to have political meetings with the People’s Party, the bench and the national board”.

For his part, Deputy Gaspar Rivas (PDG) commented that “for us it is very important to have the possibility of speaking directly here, in Chile, with Franco Parisiwho is the natural leader of our conglomerate. It is necessary especially since the party is coming out of a fairly complex crisis and having halved its benchBy the way it is important to be able to meet with the former candidate and talk”.

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