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February 23, 2021 – 06h21

After the sixth game of the World Series on October 27, 2020, the actions were focused on the design of sanitary control standards, regulations and new hires. So the players returned to activities at the opening of the preseason in the hope of reviving Major League baseball.

Since the previous Wednesday, the first to report to the training fields were the pitchers and receivers, and in the next few days the rest of the squad will be presented both in Florida and Arizona, where the weather is more benign because it is away from the cold from the rest of America.

What is the reason the first reports are pitchers and receivers and then the rest of the payroll? It is to advance your preparation, which must be handled with great care. If a pitcher is poorly worked at this stage there will be negative consequences throughout the tournament. When hypertrophy occurs in the muscles of the throwing arm, it should be treated with a gradual increase in the volume and intensity of the loads. With a good combination of work and rest and being ready for when the rest of the players arrive with whom the defensive and offensive collective strategies will be carried out.

MLB tried to delay the start of the campaign for at least a month to align with the national vaccination plan, but the players’ union opposed it, because that meant cutting wages. Pre-season games can be shortened to seven or five episodes, by mutual agreement between managers, and will be between teams from nearby venues to avoid long bus trips.

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In another order, the issue of the designated hitter in the National League is yet to be defined, a circuit where pitchers are preferred to take their batting turns, an aspect that is the reason for strategies and counterstrategies that add drama to the games, which, in many occasions are defined by these actions

The possibility of changing some details in the making of the ball is being studied, considering that the current one is very “alive” and with contact with the bat travels further and generates more home runs. Pitchers estimate that this hurts them when evaluating their performance and affects them when discussing their new contracts.

The real thing is that home runners get better deals and more money, who produce more emotions than a strikeout. What happens is that hitters now prepare better, they review many videos of the types and sequences of the deliveries and they rely on technology. They improve their diet, increase their strength with exercises and weights.

It is also reviewed for 2021 the possibility of allowing, in the verification and official meetings, the presence of a percentage of the public capacity in each stadium in accordance with the regulations of each area and place.

The opening day will be Thursday, April 1. In a quick review, among the teams that could well be in the fight to reach the playoffs —And judging by the signings— the Los Angeles Dodgers are the first option, who will look for another title. They have the same team that they added a highly effective all-star pitcher like Trevor Bauer, with a $ 34 million, two-year contract.

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Their direct rivals will be the San Diego Padres, who have built a great team with the addition of pitchers Blake Snell, Yu Darvish and Kim Ha-seong, and secured Fernando Tatis for fourteen years with a $ 340 million contract. The Yankees cannot be left out of the considerations, as can the Mets, who have Steve Cohen as their new owner, who is hell-bent on putting together a powerful ninth.

Also keep in mind the Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros, Minnesota Twins, not forgetting the Chicago White Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals, and Tampa Bay Rays. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly and that the famous phrase can be sung in all stadiums: “¡Play ball!”. (THE)

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